Texas Rangers: 3 Players To Watch During Spring Training

The Texas Rangers ran away with the AL West in 2016. With a record of 95-67, they not only dominated the American League West, they took control of the entire American League. The Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox were close behind, yes, but the Rangers showed a lot of prowess offensively. Once the regular season wrapped up, the feats that Texas pulled off were nothing short of jaw-dropping.

With 41 wins in relief, the Rangers tied a Major League Baseball record. Even more impressive than that was Texas’ ability to win one-run games. They finished with an astonishing 36-11 record in one-run games. That’s a considerable amount over .500. Even the other offensive monsters in the league, like the Chicago Cubs, Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays, finished with losing records in those one-run scenarios.

Without the addition of a star-studded, truly skilled starting pitcher this off-season, the Texas Rangers will likely find themselves needing to win games with their bats once again. Losing players like Ian Desmond and Mitch Moreland seems to leave a hole in what was practically a magical lineup. Yes, the Rangers did acquire the ever-so-loved-by-fans Mike Napoli however. Is that enough to keep Texas in the hunt?

With Spring Training here, there are several players that have the potential to make a difference for the Texas Rangers in 2017. First, they need to prove themselves this Spring in order to give the Rangers some hope. Here’s who to keep your eye on:

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