NCAA Grades and Reviews #1 Gonzaga

Well, we have been here before. A Mark Few coached Gonzaga team sitting as the number 1 team in the nation. 2014-2015 Gonzaga team was the overall number 1 seed and lost in the Round of 32. We go through this a lot with Gonzaga. Basing on their strength of schedule and talent I do not believe they are the best team in the nation. The deepest into the tournament they have ever gone is Elite 8. I don’t believe they have the talent to compete with the likes of the top programs.


They have had a great season so far don’t get me wrong as they are currently sitting at 27-0. Their RPI is top 5 but their strength of schedule is 74th. Of the 27 games, they have played so far 4 have been against top 25 teams. On the contrary 11 of them have been against teams ranked 201 or higher. They do have wins against Arizona and Florida both on neutral courts and very early in the season. That is showing to be their 2 best wins of the season. Gonzaga only has 7 of their 27 wins against teams ranked 86 or lower. They will more than likely hit the NCAA Tournament undefeated and as the overall number 1 seed, as they have no more tough games ahead.

Based on everything I am seeing from Gonzaga I will give them an A but should they not win the National Title I will move them to a B. I see them getting by the 16 seed but if they get a team like Southern University they may be in for a dogfight. My prediction for them is a loss in the Sweet 16.

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