MLB Rumors: Jeffrey Loria To Become The Ambassador To France?

As it was reported last week, Jeffrey Loria had a “handshake agreement” to sell his team. Now it is being reported that the person who Loria supposedly has the agreement with is the brother of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law. However, now there is another report being released regarding Jeffrey Loria selling the Marlins to Kushner that is raising some eyebrows.


As the New York Post reported a few days ago, President Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, was able to basically pull a fast one on Donald Trump. He was able to get Trump to “sign-off” on making Jeffrey Loria the United States ambassador to France. At the same time, there are other reports coming out that have indicated that Jefferey Loria still has hopes to complete the $1.6 billion sale of the Marlins to a group that is headed by a member of Kushner family.

It should be indicated that Joshua Kushner, the younger brother of Jared Kushner, was named one of the key figures. However, the question that is putting a wrench into the possible sale of the Marlins is that the group being able to raise enough money to even purchase the team. The Miami Herald would also report through a source that Kushner has put together a plan that would end up bringing in partners at a later point.

In regards to Loria getting the ambassador role in France, there happens to be some people in the Trump Administration that are not happy. As the New York Post reported, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is not pleased that Priebus went behind Tillerson’s back and pushed for certain figures to President Trump for his approval of the ambassadors. It should be noted that Loria ended up donating approximately $125,000 to Donald Trump’s campaign in September.

It should be noted that Jefferey Loria is not well liked in South Florida as he has kept the Marlins’ annual payroll as one of the lowest in MLB. He would end up going from being a New York art dealer to the owner of the Montreal Expos prior to the team getting sold and becoming the Washington Nationals. After that is when he would land the Marlins in 2003 for $158.5 million.


The Miami Herald also reported on Wednesday that Loria is not talking to anyone other than Kushner and his partners, but the newspaper indicated that there was an unidentified “former owner of another MLB team” who would have interest in buying the Marlins if the deal with Kushner falls through. If Loria does get the ambassador role to France, he would be the second major sports team owner to become an ambassador in the Trump administration.

He would end up following New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, who was rumored to be getting the US ambassador role to London. However, the New York Daily News reported on Wednesday that Johnson’s appointment may also get put on hold due to the Tilerson/Priebus dispute.

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