MLB: Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox Early Favorites to Win The 2017 World Series

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Las Vegas already has odds on who the favorite is to win the 2017 World Series. While these numbers are bound to change as the season goes on, it is still something interesting to look at, being that Spring Training has just begun. According to, they are reporting that the favorites to win the 2017 World Series are the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. What makes it more intriguing is that they are tied at 9/2 odds.


It should be noted that if the Cubs happen to win their second World Series, they will be only the second team since the 1999-2000 New York Yankees to win consecutive World Series. The other teams who have good odds as they enter Spring Training include the Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, and San Francisco Giants. What is interesting, but not surprising is that the New York Mets are 18-1 and the Yankees are 25-1. The Los Angeles Angels have the worst odds as they come in at 75-1.

It shouldn’t come to any surprise to any baseball fan with the Cubs and Red Sox being the favorites to win the World Series in 2017. If you look at the Red Sox, once they added Chris Sale it seemed that they were put right at the top of the list. On the other hand, in any sport, you will always see the team who won the championship be the favorite coming into the next season. While the Cubs are a good team, I will come out and say that I will find it slightly tough for them to win back to back World Series.

Spring Training will be getting fully underway in the next few days and games begin by the end of the month. Stay tuned to the MLB department of the Inscriber Magazine as we will get you ready for the 2017 season.

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