Music: Metallica, Lady Gaga to collaborate in the future?

We are almost two months into 2017 and I am about to say a pairing that we could be seeing some time in the future that I never thought I would be saying. There are rumors floating around that Metallica could be teaming up with Lady Gaga for some future work.


Recently, Metallica had a duet with Lady Gaga at the 2017 Grammy Award show and it seemed that they were working very well together. Apparently, they were working so well together that even Lars Ulrich said in a recent interview with Rolling Stones magazine that she essentially is the fifth member of the legendary rock band. He dropped hints that the two can either do an album together or even go on tour together.

While a part of me does not see this working out at all, I have this odd feeling that we could be seeing this happen more often. It should be noted that any future work between the two acts won’t happen for quite some time as both Metallica and Lady Gaga are set to go on major tours. However, Ulrich told Rolling Stones that the band has already fast forwarded to the next chapter with hopes of doing more collaborations like they did with Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards.

As someone who is a fan of Metallica, I don’t get the point of the collaboration, but stranger things have actually worked well in the past. One upside that could come from a future collaboration between Lady Gaga and Metallica is that they can possible bring in new fans. The die hard Metallica fan base won’t go and buy Lady Gaga music and vice versa with die-hard Lady Gaga fans when it comes to Metallica music.

If this actually happens, it will be interesting to see if they just do a tour or a collaboration album down the road. Metallica is set to go on a North America tour to promote their newest album and Lady Gaga is set to go on tour as well.

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