Adrian Peterson Dropping Hints About Wanting to Play for the New York Giants?

If Adrian Peterson is dropping hints about where he wants to play for the 2017 season, he’s making it very obvious.

The current veteran running back of the Minnesota Vikings has one year left on his contract in Minnesota and it’s no guarantee that he’ll be playing in Minnesota for next year given his age, injury history and his $11.75 million deal for next season, which is why his future has been discussed and when asked about playing elsewhere for next year, Peterson listed a couple of different teams he’d be open to playing for, one of which was the New York Giants.

This past week, Peterson took to Twitter and talked about all of the moves the Giants were making; in particular, the release of Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings.

Why would Peterson care so much about what the Giants are doing to start off their off-season unless it’s a hint about where he wants to play for next season.

Think about it, he’s already listed the Giants as a possible landing spot if he gets cut from the Vikings and now he’s openly talking about roster moves they are making; in particular, one that involves the release of a player who played the same position as him.


Now, before fans lose their minds over Peterson’s tweet, let’s remember a few things.

The first. he’s 31 years old and he’s coming off an injury-riddled 2016 season. The Giants already have Paul Perkins now in place and may be the new featured running back in the Giants offense, or at least you would think he would be.

The second, his contract, which is for $11.75 million. The Giants are not trading for that given the fact that they have other pressing needs to address; offensive line and defensive end in particular. Peterson for the Giants isn’t a need, he’d be more of a luxury.

With that said, though, Adrian Peterson is still a tremendous running back when he’s healthy, but the key word: when. He wasn’t in 2016 and it’s a risk the Giants would have to ponder if they did add him on. But when Peterson is healthy, he’s better than what the Giants had at the position this past year with Perkins, Jennings and Shane Vereen.


Last season, the Giants were 11-5 and made the postseason for the first time since 2011, but ran into a hot Green Bay Packers team. The Giants went from being 2-3 to 11-5 and won nine of their last 11 games and proved that they were a legitimate contender in the NFC and many think they could be a force next year and a possible Super Bowl contender.

So Peterson’s infatuations with the Giants could be him looking for a potential contender to play for and a chance to make a run for the Super Bowl.

So if Adrian Peterson truly does want to play for the Giants next year, he’s not exactly hiding his feelings. But with that said, do the Giants feel the same way about Peterson? That remains to be seen.

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