Quincy Wilson – NFL Draft 2017 Prospect Profile


Quincy Wilson



6’1, 215 lbs.

Junior, #6


2016 Second-Team All-ACC


Stats: 10 Games-Defensive back as a true Freshman, 22 Total Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss, 1 Interceptions, 3 Pass Deflections, 0 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumbles


Stats: 14 Games- Defensive back as a true Sophomore, 26 Total Tackles, 0 Tackles for Loss, 2 Interceptions, 5 Pass Deflections, 0 Sacks, 0 Forced Fumbles


Stats: 14 Games- Defensive back as a true Junior, 33 Total Tackles, 3.5 Tackle for Loss, 3 Interceptions (1 Interception for a Touchdown), 6 Pass Deflections, 1 Sack, 0 Forced Fumbles


Games Watched: 4 Games via  Draft Breakdown

Film Notes (Play by Play Breakdown)

(+)Against Missouri- 

Wilson was overall decent to pretty good in coverage. While there were dropped passes on him covering receivers that got open, he had a pass deflection on a motion inside post and uses his range and long arms to not allow the completion. Allowed a completion when he bites a short option route and does not cover the sideline. He also had 1 tackle and 1 interception return for a touchdown in zone coverage and turned around as there was a miscommunication on offense and reacts to the pass and makes the play. Surprisingly, Wilson tried to jam a receiver in one play and fell down but fortunately, the pass was not targeted to that receiver.

(+)Against Massachusetts- 

While Quincy Wilson was not involved at all in this game, it most likely means he was shutting down the opposing receiver because I did not see a target against him in this game. He had 2 tackles and had great coverage overall. This was Wilson’s best game as he dominated the competition.

Against Florida State- 

Wilson allowed a completion in zone coverage and gave up a touchdown on an inside dig route in man coverage and did not have the speed to catch up to the receiver. Wilson had 6 tackles and did show some physicality on good coverage plays. Wilson accounted for 4 pass deflections; one was in zone where he got involved with the receiver and broke up the pass,  one was in man coverage on an inside post, another one was in man coverage, and the last one was in man coverage where Wilson used his length to bat the ball due to some lack of speed covering the receiver but has fluid hips in coverage when looking back for the ball. If it was not for the touchdown Wilson gave up, he had a solid game.

(-)Against Alabama-

Quincy Wilson had ok coverage, mostly on Calvin Ridley but there were times Ridley was open but just was not targeted. This would be his bad game not due to coverage mostly but due to tackling. Wilson had 1 tackle but missed or whiffed on 4 of them on Bo Scarbrough and did not physicality I thought he had due to size and had poor tackling technique. While tackling is not the staple for cornerbacks, it is important to be able to tackle or attempt to tackle decently well because it could be a liability in the NFL.


  • Frame has ideal NFL size weight and could start day 1 based on that alone with the height/ weight/ speed combo
  • Athletic for his size has great range due to long arms
  • Fluid hips, good ball skills
  • Good press corner, decent in zone and man coverage but good in off-man coverage
  • Competitive at times
  • Boxes out bigger receivers using sideline
  • Scheme versatile
  • Good awareness and playmaker


  • Sometimes not physical as he should be due to his stature
  • Can get beat by faster receivers due to lack of acceleration
  • If he gets beat, he sometimes use his hands too much
  • Soft tackler and poor technique and angles in tackling
  • Not a willing in run support
  • Not the best footwork
  • Had talent behind him in Florida


Quincy Wilson has the NFL size and athleticism to have a lot of upside in different schemes. Wilson has good ball skills and has the awareness to be a playmaking cornerback at the next level. Has good hips and can box out bigger receivers. Wilson can cover in man and zone decently well but is better in press and off-man coverage. While he has this upside, he has to be more polished with his footwork and technique. Faster receivers could take advantage of him and might not have the acceleration to catch up. Tackling is not a big part of an evaluation for a cornerback but it is important. Wilson sometimes does not want to tackle and when he does, he is not very good at it. Sometimes with his size, I would think he would be more physical and aggressive but often he is not. Wilson can be a prototypical NFL caliber cornerback with the physical tools but has to polish up some technique issues and tackling to be a complete cornerback in the NFL.

Range- Round 1

Best Team Fits- Saints, Browns, Cardinals, Colts, Eagles, Ravens, Titans, Lions, Seahawks

Player Comparison: Trumaine Johnson

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