Philadelphia Eagles: Who are the top Wide Receiver choices for 2017?

The Philadelphia Eagles are young but they do have a bright future ahead of them if they can find the perfect weapons to help Carson Wentz and his development as a QB. This is the same issue that Donavon McNabb had in his time with the Eagles until his career was coming to an end. Last season Wentz relied on the running game until injuries and suspensions took that option away and the Eagles were forced to throw their season’s hope on the shoulders and rock hands of a receiving core that struggles.


As the Eagles head into the offseason their main goal is to find a receiver or two that can run and catch with consistency.


Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears)-WR

Who knows if the Bears will want to part with the WR they once considered their future. But, with the way things look in Chicago, he may not want to be there any longer. It’s a constant QB cycle. They are now on their 3rd string and even with Jay Cutler behind center, it was a mess. If Jeffery can get with Carson Wentz, the Eagles offense has a chance to be McNaab and Owens good. The team rode that duo all the way to the Super Bowl. Jeffery is young and will have time to grow with the QB and current core of players.

DeSean Jackson (Washington Redskins)-WR

The Eagles are in need of a quality receiver to move the chains and make plays. But most importantly they need a player to help mold the young guys like Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Doral Beckham-Green. And we can’t forget what his presence would do for the confidence and growth of Carson Wentz. Jackson is already familiar with the city and the front office. His signing is a must.

Kenny Britt (Los Angeles Rams)

Britt finally had his breakout season in 2016 as he caught 68 passes for 1002 yards and five touchdowns. To most receivers, that’s a normal year but considering what Britt had to work with in terms of QBs, that’s pretty remarkable. With news that the Rams are not interested in bringing the eight-year veteran back, the Eagles should make a pitch. The Eagles have speed needs but adding a veteran with sure hands should be at the top of the list.

Brandon Marshall (New York Jets)

What will the Jets do with Marshall? If it’s the Jets plan to rebuild then that means that Marshall and his $7.5M contract may be up for grabs. If the Eagles are serious about upgrading their receiving core then Marshall definitely deserves a look. His production took a dip last season due to the lack of a quality QB and with Eric Decker gone, defenses were able to double the vet. A change of scenery may be what’s best. Marshall is still capable of putting up big numbers with a QB that can hit an open receiver and Carson Wentz fits that bill. 

Kenny Stills (Miami Dolphins)

If the Eagles are looking for a burner then Stills could be at the top of their wish list. Stills has the speed as he demonstrated with the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins but each team also possessed better options at the #1 slot. Stills caught 42 passes for 726 yards and a career-high nine touchdowns last season. If Stills can offer Wentz that type of production on the outside to pair with Jordan Matthews then the Eagles will be a serious threat in the passing game.

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