Marshon Lattimore – NFL Draft 2017 Prospect Profile


  • Marshon Lattimore
  • Cornerback
  • Ohio State
  • 6’0, 190 lbs.
  • Red Shirt Sophomore, #2


  1. 2014-2015 OSU Scholar-Athlete
  2. 2016 First team All-Big Ten (coaches) and second team (media

2014: Was sidelined by a surgery in his true Freshman year and was red-shirted.


Stats: 3 games- Cornerback as a redshirt Freshman, 4 Total Tackles, 0 Tackles for Loss, 0 sacks, 0 Interceptions, 2 Pass deflections, 0 Forced Fumbles


Stats: 13 Games- Cornerback as a redshirt Sophomore, 41 Total Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss, 0 Sacks, 4 Interceptions- 1 returned for a Touchdown, 9 Pass deflections, 0 Forced Fumbles

Games Watched: 7 Games (2015-2016) via Draft Breakdown

Film Notes (Play by Play Breakdown)

(+)Against Penn State- 

Marshon Lattimore really impressed me in this game. I saw him getting targeted twice and they were both deep balls. One he was in man coverage and had a really good pass deflection and one in a zone coverage where got beat near the sideline because he drifted toward the inside and not to the receiver. On the pass deflection, Lattimore was literally running next to the receiver and had the advantage inside on the deep ball. Lattimore had a tackle on a quarterback run. Not the most physical guy at times but has sound coverage and technique and love his backpedal. His speed, height/ frame, and mirroring ability will make him coveted by teams to be a #1 cornerback. The rest of the plays I saw him in, he had superb coverage and I have a sense he really excels in man coverage.

(+)Against Oklahoma- 

Marshon Lattimore had another good game with many plays with good coverage. Had a couple tackles but on one play, couldn’t shed a block on a run play. I noticed with the good coverage, he was either over running or next to the receiver step for step and had really good fluid hips to transition when backpedaling. In man coverage on a deep ball, he tried to press but it only shifted the receiver toward the sideline and Lattimore tripped and fell and couldn’t cover the receiver because he was outrun by the speed of the receiver. Showed great acceleration where Westbrook caught a pass on Conley and beat him and Lattimore ran 20 yards before catching up with him and making the tackle. Had an interception in man coverage, he had a smooth transition and immediately flipped his hips and looked for the football. He was running past the receiver and when the quarterback overthrew the pass to the receiver a little bit, Lattimore dove and caught the football for an interception. He blocked the receiver from catching the ball but all due to speed and footwork. His diving interception showed great ball skills. On a deep post, the receiver had a step on Lattimore but he sped up and got in front of the receiver and made another interception and returned it around 15 yards. His 2nd interception showed his length and acceleration to get to the football even if he is behind.


Against Wisconsin- 

This game highlights Lattimore’s tackling ability. He contributes in about 7 tackles and had 5-6 himself or pushed the ball carrier to the sideline. Has a good run support capability that I didn’t expect out of him. Other than one play in zone coverage where the receiver dropped the ball near the sideline, Lattimore did not give up a single pass, had great coverage in man. On a run play, he shed a blocker and didn’t allow the Clement to hit the corner and pushed him to the sideline.

Against Nebraska- 

Lattimore had a decent game, was good in coverage overall. On an inside slant in man coverage, Lattimore swatted the ball up and it was picked off by another defensive player and returned for a touchdown. In zone coverage, he wasn’t beat but had a little too much space between him and the receiver and the ball was tipped by another receiver in the vicinity and Lattimore’s receiver caught and ran with it, out ran Lattimore had had a big gain. I noticed on misdirection, he turned around the opposite way where the ball carrier was. In man coverage on a deep ball, he was behind the receiver but slowed down a bit and the pass was underthrown a bit and the receiver jumped and had it but dropped it because Lattimore made enough contact with the receiver. In the end zone, he had good coverage and the quarterback just threw it out of bounds because his first read wasn’t open. He didn’t have any tackles but had a couple good pass deflections and coverage plays.

(-)Against Michigan- 

This game was rough for Lattimore, his performance was not bad but not on par with the performance in his other games. The Michigan wide receivers gave him some trouble but he did switch sides in coverage so he covered the #1 wide receivers to him usually covering the #2 wide receivers. Lattimore 4 tackles and had one good tackle for loss on the ball carrier in the backfield. On run plays, Marshon Lattimore had trouble getting off blocks to make the tackle. Lattimore gave up some space in coverage on some of the completions he allowed. Lattimore let up a short curl route in a zone, an inside post but the wide receiver dropped it in man coverage and got beat on the snap in the end zone for a touchdown in press man coverage. The last play he tried to dive for it but to no avail. In this game, Lattimore was not as physical as I have seen him play in this game compared to other games but had good coverage other than the plays I listed. This could be considered his one dud game out of all the great games he had.

(+)Against Clemson-

Lattimore had a good outing and showed great coverage against Mike Williams. Although he was hurt early in the game, he came back and had allowed only 1 completion on a screen in zone coverage. Had 3 tackles and showed good run support on Deshaun Watson on a read option play. Overall, Lattimore had a solid game against a great offense and good receivers.

Pros- Marshon Lattimore has what you want in a starting cornerback; the height, frame, and speed trifecta that makes him the best cornerback in my opinion. Lattimore has excellent mirroring ability also uses the sideline to box out receivers. Sometimes he outruns or runs next to the receiver, great catch up speed and acceleration. Lattimore displays good ball skills and awareness. He is one of the better tacklers in his class. Lattimore has

Lattimore has excellent mirroring ability also uses the sideline to box out receivers. Sometimes he outruns or runs next to the receiver, great catch up speed and acceleration. Lattimore displays good ball skills and awareness. He is one of the better tacklers in his class. Lattimore has

Lattimore displays good ball skills and awareness and can be a threat at any moment in the game.

He is one of the better tacklers in his class and is above average in run support for a cornerback.

Lattimore has a great hip transition, clean footwork, and a fluid backpedal, which is why he excels in any coverage overall.

At Ohio State, he played a lot of man/ press man coverage and was left on an island by himself, displaying lockdown coverage most of the time while still being technically sound as one of the best secondary players in the draft class.

Cons- Marshon Lattimore is a redshirt sophomore declaring and has a known injury history. These leg injuries derailed him for 2 years straight at Ohio State and could not play/ or stay healthy in his first 2 years.

He is a one- year starter while only playing a couple games in 2015. Lattimore is also a one-year starter as the #2 corner most of the time and did not cover the best receivers on the opposing offense consistently.

While he is remarkable at man coverage and pretty solid in zone coverage, he does not have the best press ability in press coverage and does not jam better than some of the other cornerbacks; Lattimore is susceptible to have poor footwork in these cases and puts himself in positions to not make the play occasionally.

Lattimore did have talent behind him at Ohio State where he was not always relied upon to make a play.

Conclusion- In a deep and talented corner class, I think Marshon Lattimore has the ability and upside be a starter from the get-go and is my favorite cornerback I have seen. Even with 2 years of injuries hampering him, his first year starting he showed up big time and had sticky coverage against almost all receivers he faces, even though they were mostly #2 receivers. Lattimore has the physical traits but also the fluid technique to be what teams want in their cornerbacks. He is not the tallest or the most physical but he still has a good enough height and frame and can do what cornerbacks are supposed to, cover wide receivers and pass catchers. His sound technique, better than average ball skills, and acceleration allow him to disrupt a play even if he is beat and never gives up on the play. He was mostly on an island with Gareon Conley taking the #1 cornerback spot at Ohio State. Lattimore is a top 10 talent and the best cornerback in this class; teams in the top 10 should look at him hard to make sure durability isn’t an issue moving forward but look at the immense potential and talent he has and draft him.

Range- Round 1

Player Comp: Darius Slay

Best Team Fits: Niners, Bears, Titans, Jets, Bills

In a deep secondary class, many would find it hard to believe if Marshon Lattimore was not the first cornerback taken and is not taken within the top 10 of this draft. Lattimore is at play at 2 to the Niners all the way to 10 to the Bills. The ideal fits would be the Titans at 5 and the Jets at 6. With his potential, Lattimore can be a top cornerback for any team in any scheme and has to be considered in the Top 5 of this draft.

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