What to do with Tony Romo from Cowboys Fans Point of View

The reason for this article is because we see all these articles out there about what the Dallas Cowboys should do with Tony Romo. Whether it be because of the salary Cap or any other reason we get the writers point of view. So I decided this article will be for the fans of the Cowboys and what they would do with Romo if they were the GM. The twist is I would give them the scenario where salary does not matter but they still do have Dak Prescott waiting in the wings. I think it will give you a little view of what the fans want to do with Romo.

The first fan I spoke to about Tony Romo, is slowly becoming the face of the Dallas Cowboys Fans you may have even seen him on the Cowboys broadcasts on TV or the jumbotron at the games. His name is Gregg Wilson he is the founder of Wreckin’ Ball Helmets and has been a cowboys fan for a long time. He had this to say about Romo and the situation “Tony was the “back” bone of this team” (see what I did there) for the past decade. To no fault of his own, he never enjoyed the supporting cast (coaches and players alike) for him and the rest of this Cowboys franchise to receive the success they may have earned.

Notice I never used the word deserved. A good friend of mine once said, you never “deserve” a Championship, you need to “earn” it. The lack of championship had less to do with Tony and more to do with everything else around him.

I believe Tony would have enjoyed the same success (if not greater) than Dak experienced this past season… but we’ll never know for certain. I for one… plan to continue cheering this team on… game in and game out. After all; as true Cowboys fans… we don’t retire, we don’t get injured, we done get traded or cut… we’re simply here for the long haul. Rain or shine! I think I speak for all of Cowboys Nation when I say we all want what’s best for Tony, whether his future is with the Dallas Cowboys or another team. Because what’s best for Tony… is something he personally has “earned!”

Gregg Wilson founder of Wreckin Ball Helmets pictured here with Rowdy


Next, I spoke to another face of the Cowboys fans he goes by the nickname “Cajun Cowboy” his real name is Ronnie Arnaud from Eunice Louisiana. He’s been a fan since 1980 and he had this to say about the situation “I think we should keep Romo one more year and let him compete for the starting job. Dak could learn a lot from watching him play. If Dak wins the starting job then we have a great backup QB. I still think Romo has enough left to win us #6.”

These two fans both attend the home and sometimes road games regularly they truly have had blood sweat and tears with this team. So as you can see they have two different opinions on what to do with Tony Romo but they both share the same sentiment that Romo deserves nothing but the best and what’s best for personally.


I then talked to fans who weren’t “Superfans” but are still very dedicated and devoted Cowboys fans, the first one was Fred Kemp from Orlando Fl. he had this to say “I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1975. I grew up watching the Cowboys win, and win a lot. It’s been over twenty years since the Dallas Cowboys have won a Superbowl, and I’m tired of being the butt of endless Cowboy jokes. I both appreciate and respect what Tony Romo has done for the Dallas Cowboys in recent years. Tony Romo is a great quarterback and leader. He has sacrificed his health in an effort to bring another championship to Dallas, and he has been a class act his whole career. I believe after this season Dak Prescott is clearly our future quarterback. Right now, he gives us the best chance to win another Superbowl. Hopefully, some other team will seek a trade for Tony Romo. I would rather that than offering him up for trade–there is a respectful difference. I don’t want to see him wasting the rest of his career wearing a pair of headsets on the Dallas sidelines when he could be a playing for some other team. I will cheer for him, just not against the Dallas Cowboys.”

Growing up I have had 23 years of rooting for the Cowboys and this next person was with me from the day he started watching football, he is my brother Anthony Joseph. Together we have been through a lot with these Cowboys he was still too young to remember our last Superbowl Victory which was 1996 he was only 8 years old at the time. Even still with all that he has stayed true to the Cowboys, I asked him his opinion about the Romo situation and this is what he told me. “They should trade him to the AFC somewhere, he would need to rework his contract in order to be traded. Denver makes the most sense for him as a landing spot because they need a bridge at QB to Paxton Lynch and he gives them and himself the best chance to win a Superbowl before their window closes.” I have to say I agree with trading him and giving him a chance to win a Superbowl, but I personally differ from these other guys opinions because I feel if Romo does leave I will be sad to see him in another teams uniform and don’t know if I will be able to root for that other team.

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