Kings Island: What’s Mystic Timbers Hiding?

There aren’t many new coasters opening in 2017. However, Mystic Timbers at Kings Island is shaping up to be something special. The big question is, “What’s in the shed?”

Developed by GCI, Mystic Timbers will sit among one of the most iconic wooden coasters of all-time, The Beast. But unlike its Kings Island brother, Mystic Timbers isn’t going to break records. The main selling point is the shed, and what’s inside of it.


Kings Island, and Cedar Fair haven’t let anything slip about Mystic Timbers. There has been no mention about the shed, or what’s inside of it. So, what should we expect from the most secretive coaster in quite some time?

Many have been speculating that a drop-track has been hidden in the shed. I’d say this is the most likely scenario, but what if it’s something more? Could we possibly see a launch, similar to Cedar Point’s Maverick coaster? Don’t get your hopes up.

We’ve seen what launches on wooden coasters can do. Look at Lightning Rod at Dollywood, the coaster has continuously broken-down, and has been more of a hassle than the park probably envisioned. Of course, Lighting Rod was made by a different manufacturer, but don’t expect GCI to try and develop anything similar.

It’s not usual that a wooden coaster such as Mystic Timbers gets so much attention. With RMC developing so many hybrid coasters, classic woodies like this seem to get overlooked. The addition of this shed, and what’s inside of it, might give this GCI coaster a leg up on the RMC market

However, if GCI did want to go the route of RMC, they could add an inversion to their coaster. Is that what could he hiding in the shed? Again, not likely, as a true wooden coaster such as this doesn’t usually have inversions on it. That’s something RMC has mastered and seeing GCI copy their model doesn’t seem fitting.

What could Mystic Timbers have in store for Kings Island guests? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but I’d say a drop track makes the most sense. With Cedar Fair set to produce two RMC coasters next year, Mystic Timbers might be the last true wooden coaster they put into any of their parks.

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