WWE: Five Burning Questions for Smackdown heading into Wrestlemaina 33 after the Elimination Chamber

We just came off the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event for the Smackdown brand. On Sunday night, we saw American Alphas retain their tag team titles in a tag team turmoil match, Naomi and Bray Wyatt both won their first singles title in their WWE careers, and Randy Orton had a match of the night against Luke Harper. However, since all of that was said Smackdown now has no events until Wrestlemania. In all honesty, the next event is Fastlane for the RAW brand, which happens in the beginning of March. So after watching the show on the WWE network, I have compiled a list of questions that I feel Smackdown needs to answer over the next seven weeks leading into Wrestlemania.

[Jon] Here are some questions that the blue brand needs to answer prior to Wrestlemania:

1- What do you do with American Alpha?

On Sunday night, we saw Jason Jordan and Chad Gable retain their titles over the Usos, the Ascension, Slater & Rhyno, Breezeango, and the Vaudevillians. The Hype Bros were not included in this match as Zack Ryder is nursing an injury and Mojo had a match on the preshow. Since there is no viable opponent for American Alpha leading into Wrestlemania, I say WWE needs to call up the Revival to the main roster. They are due to get a call-up to the main roster and the Smackdown tag team division needs a dominant heel team. I will not put the Ascension, Breezeango, or the Usos as they have all done badly in recent time. Unless WWE goes a different route and has American Alphas feud with the Usos or Ascension heading into Wrestlemania, they have no option but to bring up Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

2- What do you do with Mickie James?

On Sunday night, Mickie James lost to Becky Lynch in her first pay-per-view singles match in a long time. The win will more than likely keep Becky Lynch in the hunt for the title, but what does this lose do to Mickie James. If you look at the other women on Smackdown, this loss pushed James down the rankings. Unfortunately, I can see something were its Mickie James turns on Alexa Bliss and they have a Wrestlemania match. By going that route, they can also give Bliss her Wrestlemania moment. I know that Mickie has only been back for a few weeks, but it has not been anything worthy that makes you wonder why she returned in the first place.

3- Are there benefits to turn Dolph Ziggler heel?

We also saw Dolph Ziggler lose to Apollo Crews and Kalisto in a handicap match. Since Ziggler turned heel a few weeks ago, he has not had any momentum. I see why WWE turned him heel as he was not doing anything worthy as a babyface, but he hasn’t been great as a heel. Also since he turned heel, he hasn’t changed anything too dramatic in his ring gear or entrance music. I don’t feel there have been any benefits to turning Ziggler heel and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns back to being a babyface before the end of 2017.

4- What happens to Natalya?

After her match with Nikki ended in a draw, questions began to be brought up as to what happens now with Tyson Kidd’s wife. It seems more than likely that Nikki Bella will be feuding in someway with Maryse as it seems WWE is planning on having them be in a mixed gender tag match at Wrestlemania with Maryse’s husband and Nikki Bella’s boyfriend. So like I said before with Mickie James, the same could be said with Natalya as I don’t see what role if any she will have at Wrestlemania.

5- Are we heading towards Baron Corbin/ Dean Ambrose match at Wrestlemania?

After Baron Corbin was the first one to get eliminated on Sunday night from the Chamber, he went crazy on Dean Ambrose until refs were able to come into the ring and escort him out of there. After the event, I was looking at what the reaction was to the Elimination Chamber and one of my friends thought of the idea of having Ambrose feud with Corban heading to Wrestlemania. After having time to think about it, I don’t see a problem with it at all as neither superstar have any other plans and it would be nice to see Corbin win the intercontinental title.

After an eventual Sunday night, the Smackdown brand has no more pit stops prior to April 2nd. It will be interesting to see how WWE and Smackdown help clear up the picture for Wrestlemania 33. Stay tune to the Inscriber Magazine as we will keep you up to date heading up to Wrestlemania.

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