New York Knicks: Has the team quit on the front office?

As the situation between the New York Knicks and Charles Oakley seems to worsen with each passing day, the Knicks have more to worry about and are delusional if they think otherwise. After the Knicks decided to ban Charles Oakley from MSG following his altercation on Wednesday night, I am starting to think that the Knicks think they are out of the water.


Let’s start off with the fact that you have team president Phil Jackson basically sabotaging Carmelo Anthony. He’s doing this by sending out encrypting tweets that are breaking him down. You don’t break down one of your better players because it sends out a bad image to the rest of your team and future free agents. As Jackson continues to take shots at Anthony, all it’s doing is making Anthony not want to leave. While the Knicks could probably get either draft picks or young players for Anthony, he is not the problem.

I will go out and say that the problem is Jackson and owner James Dolan. They are holding this team back and are not making the proper moves. I remember how everyone thought that the Knicks were on the rise after they made deals this offseason, but that has not panned out well at all. This team has too many egos and it’s unfortunately too injury prone with guys like Noah and Rose that I don’t see them competing for a long time. I will go out on a limb and say that the only way the Knicks will be able to rebound and not be the laughing stock of the NBA is you need Phil Jackson and James Dolan out of the way.

However, I don’t see either of them leaving as people will still spend money to watch this team. However, Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post came up with a simple and effective way for this change to become a reality. He wrote a piece on that if fans hit the Knicks where it hurts and stops coming to games, buying merchandise, and not give them money then maybe the Knicks will start to change. If that doesn’t go then maybe NBA commissioner Adam Sliver needs to step in and do something. Either way, something needs to happen for the Knicks to try and not be a joke in the NBA.

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