Santa Clarita Diet Looks To Eat Up Netflix

With all of the great shows on Netflix, picking one to binge can sometimes be an excruciating decision.Thankfully, I found Santa Clarita Diet, a unique show that was almost impossible to stop watching.

Despite some negative reviews from critics and Netflix users, I found Santa Clarita Diet to be quite good. Think of it as The Walking Dead meets Suburbia. Sheila, played by Drew Barrymore, is transformed into a flesh-eating zombie. Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant, tries to find the balance between his wife’s desire for human flesh and living as a normal family.

Santa Clarita Diet isn’t a show for children. With suggestive dialogue and adult innuendo, it’s definitely one of Netflix’s raunchier shows. It’s also one of its most grotesque. I’d recommend that if you’re the least bit squeamish to think twice about watching.


Being that it’s such a raunchy show, I found it rather interesting that Drew Barrymore plays the lead. Always thought of as a clean-cut actress, she really doesn’t hold back in this show. Whether it be chowing down on flesh, or dropping the F- bomb, she’s in rare form on Santa Clarita Diet. It does work for her, though, as she’s without question the highlight of the show.

While Barrymore was indeed one of the many highlights, the rest of the cast was also well played. Olyphant, who many know from Justified, perfectly portrayed a loving, but concerned, husband and father figure. Also, featured is newcomer Liv Hewson, who played
Sheila and Joel’s daughter, Abby, a girl that is trying to cope with her mother’s new lifestyle.

With only 10 episodes, you were left wanting more. Unfortunately, the ending didn’t do much to answer the shows many questions. You’re left with a few cliffhangers, but ultimately they could have benefitted from adding two or three more episodes to the season.

Aside from a lackluster ending, Santa Clarita Diet is a great option for a lazy day at home. It’s not going to win an Emmy, but can provide a few laughs, especially if you’re a fan of zombies. Knowing Netflix, there should be a second season, and I’ll be waiting for it.

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