Entertainment: There were too many holes in Superior Donuts

I am always looking to watch new shows. So last night I was flipping through the channels and I came across the show Superior Donuts that was on CBS at 9 pm. Maybe they are still working out the kinks or it’s just the writers on the show, but I shut it off ten minutes into it as I didn’t find it funny or amusing. I also felt a lot of the jokes feel that they flat lined.


If you are are not familiar with the show, it stars Judd Hirsch as the owner of a local Chicago donut shop who is not financially doing well and his new employee who is played by Jermaine Fowler who gives Hirsch’s character some ideas to help the place. In addition, the show also stars Katey Segal who plays a Chicago cop.It was originally supposed to be part of the TV lineup for 2015/2016, but no one picked it up and was redeveloped. It seemed that it got a mixed review as there were people who liked it and there were people who hated it.

I felt while the cast did a good job, a lot of the blame for the show is on the writers. Every joke that came out of that show seemed to be either not funny or very stale. I understand that its a comedy, I just don’t get the point behind it. I guess the only positive thing that can be taken from this show is that it was a different concept being done. Maybe this show will improve over the short season as it is a mid-season show, but I can not see the show being renewed for next fall.

If you want to give Superior Donuts a shot, it airs on Monday nights at 9 pm on CBS, right before Two Broke Girls at 9:30 pm. But in all honesty, there are better things to watch on Monday nights.

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