CFB: Big 12 Conference announces punishment for Baylor

It seems that there is a group of individuals who are acting swiftly against Baylor University. If you happen to be unaware as to why the Big 12 is acting in this matter towards Baylor, I will bring you up to date. A couple of weeks ago, there were several reports going around that a former female student of Baylor was filing a lawsuit against the school with claims that she was raped by two of the members of the Baylor Bears.

However, this story started to be talked about on the national level as this woman would also make claims that in the time span from 2011-2014 that there were approximately over 50 rapes involving several members of the football team. In addition, this lawsuit also claimed that the football coaches and the athletic department did nothing about them and in some cases would push for the recruits to have sex with the women who were showing them the school.

This on going scandal has to lead to several football people lose their job including head coach Art Briles, who was fired in 2015. As the investigation is still going on, the board of directors who oversee the Big 12 conference is now taking action. It is now being reported that the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors has voted unanimously to withhold 25 percent of all future revenue payments that are supposed to go to Baylor. They decided to withhold these payments pending the outcome of this scandal. “The Board is unified in establishing a process to verify that proper controls are in place and sustainable,” said by the President of the University of Oklahoma and the Big 12 Conference David Boren.


He would also go on to say that the reasoning behind the board’s decision is to basically ensure that the promises made by Baylor are actually put in place to avoid any future problems. It should be noted that they do not make any mention as to what promises were actually made by the school. The board will also hold any future payments to the school until the board determines that Baylor is in compliance with the bylaws and regulations of the Big 12 Conference and the components of Title IX.

I find this to be the right move being done to Baylor. What was allegedly done in that school was wrong and I have been an advocate of the school paying the price. By withholding payments to the school until the Board makes the determination, it will effect the schools in a way that no school wants to get affected by. Also, I feel this will only be the start of a long line of punishments to come the way of Baylor. Stay in touch with the Inscriber Magazine as we will be providing the latest in the on-going scandal that has rocked the Baylor football team and athletic department.

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