Valentine’s Day: 5 things to do in New York City

New York City is a tourist paradise but for one day it may be the best place to spend Valentine’s Day. Think about what the city offers and then tell me what other places in America can provide the ambiance that NYC does for you and that special one?

For starters, there is not another city besides maybe Las Vegas that lights up the way NYC does at night. Vegas has the strips but NYC has that feel that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to that imaginary place in your mind that offers comfort and a sense of escapability, if only for that one night. But, whether you are a tourist or a resident, what do you do in NYC for Valentine’s Day?


For every Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building Tour, there are nice little restaurants and other secluded places to spend time with your loved one. Here are 5 things that will sure to get a rise out of your mate.

Take A Romantic Cruise

NYC is known for its street and walking attractions but when you just want to rewind and let someone else do the hard work, there are plenty of options. Last year I went on a V-Day cruise and enjoyed myself. There were great music and food and while the dance floor was always packed the boat has two levels and a deck where you can go out and watch the river as you pass by the many sights that NY has to offer. I took the Spirt of New York Cruise and paid $109 per person that included, live DJ, two glasses of champagne, buffet and a private table. It was well worth the money. The trip was on the Hudson River which allowed us to cruise past the Statue of Liberty, needless to say, it was breathtaking. I am terrified of boats but having that special someone with me, made those fears vanish.

Helicopter Ride

I wanted to do this last year as well but I’m afraid of heights (not scared to admit that). Think about how romantic that would be. Take your date on a helicopter ride throughout NYC and fly over the State of Liberty, the World Trade Center, Times Square, and The Empire State Building. There are tours in the day but to capture the pure essence and beauty of the city and what it has to offer this tour must be done at night.

Romantic Dinner

Pick a spot in NYC and enjoy a great romantic dinner. Seafood, Steak, Asian, American and the list goes on. NYC is known for their array of ethnic foods and Valentine’s Day is the one time to take advantage.  

Take a Stroll

If NYC has one thing going for them, it’s streets. If you just want to get out the house and don’t have the means for a lavish dinner, boat or a helicopter ride, don’t worry. Use that MetroCard and head down to Mid-Town and just walk. Brush shoulders with the common folks, window shop, hold hands and eat from the many street vendors on every corner. Go down to Times Square and watch the street performers, just have fun together.

Stay Home

You can never go wrong with this option. NYC is lovely but if you don’t feel like dealing with traffic or a crowded train then your best option is to stay home where you can be free to do whatever. Hit the grocery store and show off your cooking skills. Get a few bottles of wine or some hard stuff, kick back and throw on a few romantic movies and lay in each other’s arms. Because at the end of the night the plan is to end up there anyway.

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