Super Bowl Commercials: Good, Bad, or just Whatever

The Super Bowl commercials, sometimes they are the only thing worth watching. This year the commercials did not have as much fire as in the past. There were a select few that were good enough to even talk about. Below you will see a couple that was worth the talk and those that were not.

Worth the talk

KIA with Melissa McCarthy. In this commercial McCarthy is called upon to be a hero for different acts of kindness. She is asked to save the trees, save the whales, save the rhinos, and save the ice caps. All of these acts do not end well for Melissa.

Skittles. In this commercial, a boyfriend is pretending to throw rocks at his girlfriend’s window. However, her window is open and he is throwing Skittles in through the window and she is catching them in her mouth. There is all of a sudden an assembly line of people catching Skittles. Those people include the girl’s mom, dad, a masked robber, and a cop among others. The Slogan – Romance the rainbow.

T-Mobile Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Snoop Dogg is trying to use the slogan “t is all that and a bag of chips.” But in typical Snoop Dogg fashion, he, of course, is using a bag of weed. Snoop cannot find his weed and so when he goes to say “all that and a bag of weed,” Martha begins to replace weed with other words including greenery, pot, and can of bisque. All while using the necessary prop to demonstrate.

Mr. Clean. In this ad, Mr. Clean is dancing around cleaning a house. Into the picture comes a lady who is watching him with google eyes. This is getting her all worked up. While she is worked up she begins to flip her hair. When all of a sudden, Mr. Clean becomes her husband. He asks the lady if the house is clean enough and she runs up and gives him a big ole kiss. They always say that a man cleaning the house turns a woman on.

These are just a few of the highlights from the Super Bowl Commercials. What was your favorite? You can leave your comment below.


Not worth the money

Busch Beer. In this ad, a man is standing in the wilderness with a six-pack of Busch Beer. He cracks a can and he can hear the echo of the word BBBUUUUSSCCHH throughout the mountains. I have a word for you Busch, all bear cans make that noise.

Ghost Spuds. In a poor attempt to revive the Spuds MacKenzie spotlight into their ads, Bud Light made the popular dog from the past a ghost. A young man did not want to go out a party so Spuds shows up and tells the man that his soul cannot live without people drinking Bud Light with friends. In a poor attempt at a ghost from Scrooge, MacKenzie takes the guy around and shows him what he has missed. Sorry Bud Light, Spuds is old news and needs to be left alone.

Sprint Death Fake. Here is an ad in which a dad fakes his own death to get out from under his contract with another cell carrier. The “can you hear me now” guy who is now a Sprint spokesman catches him and goes over all the data and coverage options. The worst part of this is that the man faked his death in front of his kids. Also, why have a customer fake their death with all the deals and stuff to get out of contracts anyway?

The commercials for 2017 were not as bad as in past years. There were probably more good than bad during this run. However, when you have to pay so much money for ads, $5 million/30 seconds, they all should be good.

Which commercial was your least favorite? You can comment below.


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