Iron Fist: Official Trailer

Marvel seems ready to go into its next phase in their Netflix series. Aside from the teaser trailers, Marvel has finally released their first official trailer for Iron Fist. Set to release in March, Iron Fist is the next iteration of the Defenders scheduled for later this year.

What to know:
One of the most intriguing things about the Iron Fist series it the protagonist Danny Rand. If you’ve liked any of the other Marvel/Netflix titles you’ll be excited for Iron Fist. First and foremost it’ll compare to Daredevil as far as hand to hand combat as Rand is a martial arts expert. He’s got the strength of Luke Cage and the powers of Jessica Jones. With Iron Fist you can expect all three of Marvels previous entities into one character who will stand out on its own.


One of the biggest challenges Marvel will face is keeping the series grounded. Shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage have dealt with powers but never to the extent that Iron Fist does. In order for him to fit in the shared universe of his Netflix predecessor, not only will they have to stay in budget, but they’ll have to portray his power well enough to not overshadow the cast he will later be teaming up with.

Another challenge that Marvel has checked off their list time and time again is creating villains. Each one of the shows before it has created villains who were not only big time players but in a battle for power. On the big screen, villains are hell bent on domination. With their television shows, the antagonists are more driven by power and control. From Wilson Fisk to Cottonmouth we’ve seen major players who have been in a position to influence their surroundings rather than take them over. Expectations for Iron Fist’s villain should follow the same psychological thriller that Jessica Jones did as well as an action-packed suspense.

Out of all the Marvel titles released the past few years, I look forward to Iron Fist the most. At its very core, it should be a mix of each of the shows before it as well as the one that ties them all together. By the time Defenders comes around, we should have a clear idea who each character is, how they come together, and what role they will play going forward. There’s little room for tie-ins come to the end of Iron Fist as Defenders should follow closely after. If the previous success is how you gauge excitement for the next installment then you ought to be pumped for Iron Fist. Season 1 in its entirety should be available to stream on Netflix starting March 17th.


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