Orange Is The New Black: The laughter is over, Season 5 is about revenge

Netflix made a statement with season 4 of Orange is the New Black. For three seasons the show was kind of looking for a direction. It was borderline comedy/drama and soft porn but season 4 aired and everything changed.

The girls were already wacky out of their minds but the addition of Judy King added another flavor of craziness that sent the show to another height, comedy wise. The funniest scene in season 4 belonged to her, Luschek and Yoga Jones with the Molly scene. When they broke out into the threesome I had to pause the show due to laughter.


The return of Nicky was a much-needed boost to the cast but the true essence of season 4 were friendships and the guards. With Nicky’s return, Red had her prison family whole again, the African-Amerian girls grew tighter as they accepted Poussey’s Asian girlfriend, Soso along with a newbie in Alison. Boo and Doggett made up and the Spanish click grew then branched out into something else.

But, as season 4 was ending we lost one of the best characters in Poussey Washington thanks to a guard and Susan. Her death was a major blow and shocking moment to the show but what it did was set the stage for the best season ever. 

The tension is thick in the prison as the women are out for blood. What started as a soon-to-be race war has now turned into an inmate vs guard war. But, who will come out on top?

Daya has the gun and the guards at her mercy for now but. we should expect that scenario to change real soon Daya is not cut out for that life and it’s only a matter of time before one of the Spanish girls try to take the gun from her or someone from another race which will cause the race tensions to finally spill over. Either way, Season 5 will be about revenge. The new crew of guards has abused their power from the beginning and the women have had enough. Nevermind that they’re in prison, this is personal. Their rights may have been taken away but their will to fight was not.

Netflix may have made the best decision when they said that season 5 will cover the length of three days. In such a short span the writers can focus on the aftermath of what is sure to be an intense period. With the guards held hostage you can expect some sort of outside law enforcement ready to barge in and take control. Plus, there is always the racial war they may spill over or the fight for control of the gun. Three days is enough to hit so many subjects and with the extended cast, this may be the wildest three days in TV history.

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