Grey’s Anatomy: Who will win control of the hospital, Dr. Webber or Eliza?

The war has begun at Grey Sloan Memorial. The battle is over control of the hospital and it’s teaching. Dr. Richard Webber is the old school candidate and Eliza Minnick is the young gun sent in to change the hospital’s structure. But, who will give in first, Webber or Eliza?

Conventional wisdom will give the nod to Webber due to his tenure but Grey’s Anatomy is anything but conventional. Eliza is focused, has had success in the past with her methods and has the backing of Miranda as well. This will be a showdown that should go on for the rest of the season and by the end, there may be a huge change coming.


The surgeons are in the Webber’s corner as he’s a well-respected figure in the hospital but Eliza has the backing of Miranda, Webber’s wife Catherine Avery and the residents. But, as Webber found out at the end of Jukebox Hero Miranda said to Webber that she’s not the only one. That sent chills down Webber’s spine as now he’s faced with the possibility that there are unseen faces plotting against him. Miranda was his mentee and now she seems ready to push him out the door.

One of Webber’s’ biggest supporters is Arizona but I can see a conflict coming. Eliza has a crush on Arizona, but once she found out, Arizona didn’t deny the attraction. What happens if Arizona and Eliza hook up? Will she be put in an awkward position of choosing between her friend or new love interest? Arizona holds a little weight in the hospital and her and Alex relationship may cause Karev to put his vote behind Eliza if Arizona persuaded him to do so. 

Webber is in for a fight this season and by the looks of things, neither person is willing to bend to work with one another. There will only be one left standing.


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