Super Bowl LI as predicted by Inscriber Magazine

Super Bowl LI is on the horizon. Many people are planning their parties and grabbing the necessary items. We here at the Inscriber Magazine are busy writing away on our different types of coverages. We may also be planning those parties as well, just don’t tell anyone.

To wrap up our pre super bowl coverage we grabbed a few of the writers from The Inscriber and got their predictions on the big game along with a blurb on why they feel that way.

Sean Naylor – Atlanta Falcons – 37 New England Patriots – 31

I believe that this game is going to turn into an old-fashioned shootout. The number one scoring offense in the league should stay the course. Yes, even against the number one defense for points against. Matt Ryan has too many weapons at his disposal and the weak secondary of the Falcons is what will play into this. After what will look like a sluggish and boring opening quarter, this game should open up and be exciting to watch.

Kenny Manger – New England Patriots – 28 Atlanta Falcons – 27

Usually heading into the Super Bowl I tend to have a pretty good feel of how the game will be playing out. This year, not so much. Both teams are capable of putting up monster points on any given Sunday, but both defensive units have been playing strong lately. When it comes down to the wire, I have to put my money on Brady’s experience and the fact that the Patriots defensive unit is a little stronger.

Mark Merriam – New England Patriots – 31 Atlanta Falcons – 21

Two high-powered offenses will both be toned down a bit in Super Bowl LI. Defenses win championships, and the Patriots defense is number one in the league in scoring defense. Their experience on both sides of the ball will also impact the game. At some point either late in the first half or early third quarter, the Patriots defense will come up huge with a turnover or three and out and allow Brady to work his team to the end zone. Falcons are good but their defense can be scorched and Brady is just the guy to do it.

Mike Drakulich – Atlanta Falcons – 38 New England Patriots – 34

It’s a matchup of two tremendous offenses that often overshadows the contributions of their respective defenses.

In this epic showdown, I like the team that has all of its weapons at their disposal. If Matt Ryan doesn’t let the Super Bowl jitters get to him, I like Atlanta’s chances, as I doubt the Falcon defense will play as passive as the Steelers did.

The equation is simple… Falcons’ offense plus pressure on Tom Brady will equal a Falcons victory.

Jeff Krisko – Atlanta Falcons – 30 New England Patriots 27

The Patriots have the best scoring defense of the season, but they built it on the backs of playing terrible offenses all season. It’s good, but not the best in the league. The Falcons’ 2016 season was one of the greatest offenses of all time and will find a way to score. The Patriots offense will continue to hum, finding a way to exploit Atlanta’s weaknesses. This one isn’t going to be as high flying as some think, but it will be entertaining and close. Whichever team has a game breaking offensive play will win it, and if that’s the bet, I’m betting on the team that isn’t missing their massive playmaker.

Nicholas Lane – New England Patriots – 31 Atlanta Falcons – 21

In a battle between the best scoring offense in the league and the best QB coach combination. This is sure to be a great matchup. This will come down to who can take care of the ball better. Tom Brady will be able to complete the necessary amount of passes to score enough points.

New England is famous for bump and run coverage. This will work by jamming Julio Jones before five yards to force Ryan to have to go to the other side of the field. The Falcons will have to rely heavily on their dual threat at running back in order to keep pace with the Patriots.

If New England can get pressure on Matt Ryan then the Patriots will take it. Give Ryan the right amount of time and you will watch his receiving core go to work.


Nick Ficorelli II – New England Patriots – 27 Atlanta Falcons – 17

You give one of the greatest defensive minds two full weeks to come up with a plan, and he will do so. We have seen it done in the past, and there is no reason why it won’t happen again. Atlanta has been hot, RED HOT, but they are playing a team that has been there before. Don’t be surprised if Matt Ryan gets thrown defensive looks he hasn’t seen before.

Also, you can talk about Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, et al., but LeGarrett Blount will have a HUGE game on Sunday (over 100 Yards rushing and 2 TDs), and wear down the front 7 of the Falcons D.

Jon Blayne – New England Patriots – 24 Atlanta Falcons – 17

After having two weeks without meaningful football, we can rejoice. This Sunday will be Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. After reading previews about each team I think I can safely now make my prediction. As much as it kills me to say this, my prediction is that the Patriots are winning the Super Bowl. While I don’t expect this to be a blowout, I just feel that the Patriots having the experience will be what gets them the win over the Falcons.

Andrew Kim – Atlanta Falcons – 27 New England Patriots – 20

I think the Atlanta Falcons will win Super Bowl LI because of a couple of reasons. The big one for me is the speed and improvement in the playoffs of the Falcons defense. Although the Falcons do not have a top 20 defense, this defense has helped the Falcons run up the score in the playoffs. If the defense can stop the run and force Brady to pass, putting pressure on him up the middle is where he is susceptible to take sacks. The Falcons would then have a very good chance at winning. Deion Jones can cover sideline and will be the key in covering TE Martellus Bennett. Brian Poole had an impact in the Packers game by hitting Aaron Rodgers, setting the tone of the game on defense for the Falcons. Keanu Neal versus LeGarrette Blount, one-on-one, will be fun to see. Neal may have a slight edge. If Dan Quinn’s defense can set up some timely blitzes to pressure Brady, he may not play as well as he usually does. Kind of like the Houston Texans game.

The Patriots will try and take away the best player on both sides. They will try and make sure Vic Beasley does not get off the edge, this could lead to beating one-on-one matchups and make the Patriots make mistakes that the Falcons defense can capitalize on.

Rick O’Donnell – Atlanta Falcons – 31 New England Patriots – 28

Atlanta has been one of the complete teams all season. However, they will be facing a hot and always dangerous Patriots team. Tom Brady can instantly turn the game around. Houston has already shown it’s possible to get him off his game. If the Falcons can get to him early and often they have a chance to win. If the Patriots get into a rhythm early, the Falcons will never catch up. However, Atlanta is the better team. A late field goal wins them Super Bowl LI.

Roy Emanuel – New England Patriots – 41 Atlanta Falcons – 20

Super Bowl LI features two teams with high-powered offenses, each coming off a dominant performance in the conference championship games. The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons both boast incredibly talented quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, and fans should expect an entertaining shootout.

Ultimately, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick will add another Super Bowl to his Hall of Fame resume on Sunday. Look for the New England defense, with key plays from the likes of Malcolm Butler and Patrick Chung, stopping the Falcons in critical situations.

Robert Cobb – New England Patriots – 28 Atlanta Falcons – 24

Same score that Madden has predicted.

Lauren Burg – Atlanta Falcons – 17 New England Patriots 10

With Super Bowl LI right around the corner, I think the defense will be the theme of the night. Both Atlanta and New England boast top notch defenses in their respective conference. Offensively, newly crowned NFL MVP, Matt Ryan, will hit Julio Jones for the winning score. That will capture Atlanta’s first ever Super Bowl victory.

Jeffrey Newholm – New England Patriots – 31 Atlanta Falcons – 17

The Inscriber Crystal ball, what does it see? It see’s that Matt Ryan and Cam Newton have a lot of similarities. Newton’s Panthers had a good year out of nowhere but ran into an experienced Peyton Manning and a strong Denver Broncos defense. Unfortunately for Ryan, the Pats are even stronger than last year’s Broncos, led by a sterling Tom Brady. The Falcons will share the same cruel fate as the Panthers. A season that offers a glimmer of hope of success, to a by now rather disinterested city, only for that hope to be snuffed out by the AFC’s machine.

So there you have it. The Inscriber team has entered their predictions. How do you see this final NFL game ending? Leave your comments below.

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