New England Patriots: Three Reasons why they can win Super Bowl LI

We are a few days away from Super Bowl LI as the Atlanta Falcons will go up against the New England Patriots. The Atlanta Falcons are going to be appearing in their second super bowl and their first one since 1998. They are looking for their first Super Bowl win. On the other side, the New England Patriots are appearing in their ninth Super Bowl. They are looking to repeat what they were successful at doing in 2015.


Here are the three biggest reasons why the Patriots will end up winning the Super Bowl on Sunday:

  1. Limited Competition

As the Patriots were dominating during the 2016 season, they had little competition This became more of a thing once they got to the playoffs. The Texans, Dolphins, or Steelers were not going to do anything to the Patriots. While some could say that the Patriots have been a bit comfortable, the Patriots have proven time and time again why they are the standard barrier of the National Football League.

  1. Tom Brady is out for blood

It seems that as Tom Brady gets older, he is still one of the top players in the league. After Deflategate happened and Brady was suspended for the first four games of 2016, there were many people saying that once Brady would return, he would have a huge chip on his shoulder. So far he has shut a lot of critics up as he continues to have a great season.

  1. Experience 

While this will be the first Falcons Super Bowl appearance since 1998, this will be the Patriots 10th appearance since 2001. The Patriots know for certain how to handle being in a game of this level as many of the Falcons players simply don’t. Personally, I feel having experience in a game of this level will end up helping in the long run.

There happen to be several reasons why the Patriots will defeat the Falcons in the Super Bowl. These here are just the biggest three. The Patriots are a well-oiled super bowl machine. That, above all, makes them winners in Super Bowl LI.

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