WWE: Sanity can help NXT in more ways than one

The talent pool in NXT right now is great. You have wrestlers like Nakamura, Bobby Roode, Rodrick Strong, Asuka, and some of the top wrestlers from the world. Unfortunately, it seems that several of the divisions in NXT are not like it use to be. For example, in the tag team division, you have the champions in the Authors of Pain, the Revival, #DIY, Heavy Machinery, and TM-61. While they are all great teams, there is a glaring problem. It seems that #DIY and the Revival are heading up to the main roster and TM-61 is not together right now as Shane Throne is recovering from an injury. So if you take out those three teams, you are left with Authors of Pain and Heavy Machinery.


If you look at the NXT Woman’s Division, you have Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Asuka, Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, and Daria. Right off the back Mandy Rose, Liv Morgan, and Daria are not in the title picture. So then you are left with Asuka, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, and Ember Moon. Once Asuka loses her belt, she will more than likely be heading to the main roster. Then you look at the main event scene, it’s a matter of time before Nakamura goes up to the main roster and it is unknown as to what direction WWE will end up going with the main event scene that includes Rodrick Strong, Bobby Roode, and Almas.

I can safely say that the WWE can help all three of those areas with one stable. I feel the stable that can help WWE is Sanity that includes Eric Young, Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe, and Damo. The way you would do is have Wolfe and Damo enter into the NXT Tag team scene. I could only imagine the matches between them and Authors of Pain. In the women’s division, let Nikki Cross play somewhat of a major role. It should be noted that we started getting this in small dosages at the NXT Takeover that happened in San Antonio as Nikki Cross proved herself big time. When it comes to Eric Young, you can plug him into the main event scene. However, unlike the other two divisions, I would have Eric Young feud with someone like Almas or Strong before he got to Roode.

However, the only problem with that is that Bobby Roode is a heel and Eric Young is a heel but gets cheered like a face. Typically, you don’t see WWE having two heels fight for a belt as there is nothing for the audience to get invested into. So the way I would have Eric Young be booked is have Bobby Roode drop the belt to Rodrick Strong at the Takeover in Brooklyn to happen before Summerslam. At that point, you then can put Rodrick Strong in a program with Eric Young heading into 2018.

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