WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio to return

We could be seeing another former WWE champion make a return. There are rumors floating around that Rey Mysterio could be heading back to the WWE after reports began to surface that his contract with Lucha Underground had expired. It should be noted that Rey Mysterio has been rumored to be returning to WWE as early as last Wrestlemania, but this happens to be the first time that he is not under any contract with any other promotion.


The last time the WWE universe saw Rey Mysterio was on the episode of RAW that aired after Wrestlemania 30. While many released superstars have had a tough time finding work after being released by the WWE, Rey Mysterio is in a different boat as he has been able to find a ton of work after WWE released him in 2014. Some of the promotions that he has been a part of were AAA, which is a Mexican Wrestling Promotion and most recently he was a part of Lucha Underground.

However, if the rumors do happen to be true that Rey Mysterio does return to the WWE before Wrestlemania 33, what do you do with him. While putting him on RAW or Smackdown won’t be bad as he can be a huge asset to those brands, the promotion where he can do wonders in is the cruiserweight division and become part of the show, 205 Live. Unfortunately, that show suffered big time as the WWE universe has not accepted it.

However, adding someone like Mysterio to the cruiserweight division could do wonders for them. While this has been a rumor for a bit of time now, I believe that if he does return that it will be now. WWE has a much different landscape. If he does return, he will more than likely be a part-timer and WWE treats part-timers much differently now then they did in 2014.

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This is just a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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