WWE Rumors: Rock N’ Roll Express to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

One of the traditions as the WWE is on the road to Wrestlemania is the announcements of several new wrestlers into the hall of fame. There have been rumors that such wrestlers as Rick Rude, Diamond Dallas Page, William Regal, Christian, and Natural Disasters. The only confirmed inductee for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class is the headliner, Kurt Angle. However, it seems that there is another rumored tag team to possible join Kurt Angle in Orlando and that is the Rock N’ Roll Express.


The two main guys in this tag team duo were Ricky Morton and Rob Gibson. Over time, wrestlers such as Brad Armstrong and Marty Jannetty would end up being part of the group. The tag team started in 1983 in Memphis and was the creative child of Jerry “The King” Lawler. They were put together as an alternative to the tag team known as the Fabulous Ones, which consisted of Steve Keirn and Stan Lane when they couldn’t perform in certain towns. It should be noted that at the height of success for the Rock N’ Roll Express was still when wrestling was still having territories.

They would end up performing in such promotions as ECW, WCW, WWF, and others. They would end up also performing in Jim Crockett Promotions which was part of the NWA. I brought this up because they would end up feuding with the Four Horseman alliance on several occasions. They would end up going on to hold the tag titles in this promotion four times. They always put on great matches as the competition was at a major high at the time when they were around. Just to mention the tag teams that were around during the time that the Rock N’ Roll Express were around included The Hart Foundation, The Brain Busters, APA, Brothers of Destruction, and others.

They truly deserve the opportunity to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and over the next few months leading up to April 2nd, you will find out who will be joining Kurt Angle in the WWE Hall of Fame. As always stay locked into Inscriber Magazine as we will bring you all the news and rumors leading up to Wrestlemania. Also please follow Jon Blayne’s twitter account @jon_blayne for all the latest wrestling news.

This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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