WWE: Former NXT Champion debuts on RAW (video)

The conclusion of Monday Night Raw saw a major debut that I don’t think many people were thinking. In the last segment of the show, WWE COO Triple H made his way out to the ring to answer Seth Rollins who has been calling him out since Triple H screwed him out of the WWE Universal Title back in August. However, as Seth Rollins was walking down the ramp, he would be ambushed by former NXT champion Samoa Joe, who made his main roster debut. Throughout Triple H’s in-ring promo, he kept saying that he is working on building the next Seth Rollins, so Samoa Joe is now probably going to be portrayed the same way that Seth Rollins was as a heel after the Shield broke up in June of 2014.


Coming off of this debut, I am fully expecting that we will get Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins at Fastlane, which will be the next Raw branded show. I thought the way they had Samoa Joe ambush Rollins was done well as it pretty much makes Seth Rollins a true babyface. What I am wondering is since the “dirt sheets” were all saying that Samoa Joe will probably have a match at WrestleMania against John Cena, does this mean that Samoa Joe being on RAW is only temporary and he will end up going to Smackdown after Fastlane. I also see that happening because Smackdown needs more viable heels.

Right now the only viable heels on Smackdown are AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Baron Corbin (if WWE pushes him the right way). Samoa Joe can easily become one of the top heels on Smackdown because if he stays on RAW, he will more than likely get lost in the shuffle. It will be interesting to see it all play out as Samoa Joe is now on the main roster. If you happened to miss his debut at the end of RAW tonight, here is the clip:



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