Super Bowl LI: Can it live up to the hype

Super Bowl week is one of the greatest weeks to even the average NFL fan. To the over the top fan, it culminates either a season of disappointment or jubilance. Super Bowl LI is being billed as possibly one of the greatest games in recent history. Will it live up to its hype?

The two teams involved in Super Bowl LI are the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. If you do not know this by now maybe it is time to come out from underneath the rock you have been living under for the past 5 months. If not that long, the past 3 weeks at least. Both teams have marquee players and big play offenses and defenses. Which team will be able to handle the pressure?

The New England Patriots have been here before. As a matter of fact, the Patriots were just participants in the big game in 2015. Remember the Malcolm Butler interception of what Russell Wilson? They have the number one defense, in terms of not being scored upon, in the league. They are facing a Falcons offense that was the number one ranked scoring offense in the NFL. Can that stiff Patriots defense stop that high-powered Falcons offense? That is the question that will be talked about all week.


The Atlanta Falcons are new to the big game. They have not seen or eve sniffed it since 1999. With Matt Ryan and his number one offense finally hitting on all cylinders they make their triumphant return. Can Julio Jones and company stay the course and maintain their billing as an unstoppable force? They are fun to watch will be the stage be too big?

The hype and the talk will be the chess game that is going to take place between Atlanta Falcons’ offensive coordinator and soon to be San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan and Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia. This should be classic. The Falcons have had little to no resistance in the playoffs. The Patriots shut down one of the top offenses in the league in the AFC Championship Game, Pittsburgh Steelers. This chess match could be one for the ages.

You have the 7th highest scoring offense in NFL history (35 PPG) against the number one defense in opponents scoring (16 PPG). What could be better than that? This game, on that matchup alone, should live up to the hype. Can the Atlanta Falcons forget about the jitters and do work? Will the Patriots stiff defensive riddle finally be solved? Tune in to watch the answers to these questions, as Super Bowl LI is only 6 days away. Trust me, you will not be disappointed this year.


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