Snoop Dogg: 25 years of Music.

When it comes to the early 90s hip-hop the first names people often think of are Big and Tupac. Arguably the two biggest names from that era and often brought up when speaking of rap’s greatest. One name that flies under the radar is Snoop. One of the biggest stars of our generations and people forget just how big of an influence he’s been on the game.

Not just a one and done rapper, Snoop Doggy Dog is now entering his 25th year in the music industry since he was first featured on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. The music we’ve all thrown on at parties, blasted while driving around town, or just laid low and got high. Whether it’s his solo projects or being featured on remixes and collaborations, there’s no denying he’s a hip hop legend. Where does he fit all time? The usual suspects from that decade are Big, Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem so why not Snoop?


Too few artists have the staying power to even come close to a decade of music. In the 25 years, he’s released 14 studio albums. Snoop has worked with legends Pac, Em, Dre and Pharrell. Mixed it up with pop stars Miley Cirus, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry. Even showed up on tracks with Willie Nelson and Eddie Murphy. Yeah, that Eddie Murphy and too many countless others. There isn’t a song today you couldn’t put him on and instantly make it better.

He’s easily one of hip-hop’s biggest legends. He’s evolved with music and took us back all in the same career. One of the greatest to never win a Grammy. Can’t quite figure out how to get a song over the top? Call Snoop. He has had a career unlike no other. Buried beneath the 15 minute of fame rappers and fastest selling, self-proclaimed “G.O.A.T.”s is Snoop. A legend that has quietly put up 25 years of music. Music you listened to growing up and still would throw on today. So when you speak on hip-hop’s greatest, don’t forget to at least add him to the conversation.

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