How To Jump Start Your Lover For Early Morning Sex

A cold beer on a hot day, a heavy blanket on a chilly night, well, those are a few of life extra comforts that we tend to look forward to on certain occasions. However, nothing is better than rolling over after a good night’s sleep and engaging in some morning sex.

A dream can spark the mind which will cause a chain reaction to those hormones and when those eyes open, it’s time to dive in. But, be gentle at first. Your partner may not be awake. Test the waters. Guys, don’t start with the dumb question; “Hey baby, are you up”? Her response may not be what you want to hear and as quick as your erection came, it will go, ruining the entire morning. Instead of talking, kiss her on the neck, trail your tongue down her arm and by the time you get halfway down, her movement will let you know if you have the green light or not. If she doesn’t move by then, it’s time to take the aggressive approach and glide your finger around her vagina. When she moves, and she will by spreading her legs slightly, that’s your sign to replace your finger with your tongue.

Ladies, this requires no speaking at all. If you happen to get up first and would like to engage in morning sex here is what you need to do. Rub his penis. Just the touch of a woman’s hand will get an erection out of us. I guarantee you that he will roll over in a position that will let you know it’s Okay to take him in your mouth. There’s no need to rush him to orgasm, go slow, take your time.

Once the bodies are ready for the main course, devour each other like it’s your first time. That’s the beauty of morning sex. You may have a hectic day ahead of you at work and there is no better way than to get that early morning frustration taken care off then a few good orgasms before that morning cup of coffee.

Go to work happy, come home, go to sleep and look forward to the same treatment tomorrow morning.



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