CFB: The NCAA should give Baylor the Death Penalty

Unfortunately, the norm of college rapes happening at notable colleges and universities such as Penn State and Stanford has happened once again, as you can add another school to that list in the form of Baylor.


CBS News, one of the first sites to report what happened regarding the Baylor Football team, stated that a former female student filed a federal lawsuit with her former college where she alleges that two of the players from the football team raped her. However, the more intriguing part of the lawsuit is where she indicates that there were allegedly dozens of assaults on women that would end up involving other players.

According to the lawsuit, the woman claims that there was upwards of 52 rapes done by over 30 football players over a time span of four years. She also claims that there was a culture of sexual violence around the team. She described her 2013 attack by two players, but doesn’t provide any sort of detail regarding the others, just that were recorded by the players and were shared with their friends.

If this is proven to be true, then it would dramatically increase the seventeen reports of attacks that involved 19 players since 2011 that Baylor officials acknowledge. The school would not comment on the newest allegations. This happens to be because they are already facing at least five lawsuits from different women who are all claiming the same thing, and that school brushed it under the rug.

This scandal has seen the school fire head football coach Art Briles and the departure of school president Ken Starr.

There was an internal investigation done last year that would end up discovering that the football program was operating with the mindset that they were above the rules, and that several of the coaches would end up interfering with the investigations into the players.

According to the lawsuit, the woman ended up alleging that she was raped by two players in 2013 and it was reported to the Waco police. However, there were no charges that would be filed and the players were allowed to still be on the team. The lawsuit would also go on to say that the campus officials would not look into the claim until 2015.

It was at that point that one of the players was suspended from the team and later expelled from the school. The two players involved in the rape were Tre’Von Armstead and Shamychael Chatman, according to ESPN.

The lawsuit would go on to say that Chatman was accused of rape before this one, and instead of anything being done to him then, the school would move the victim to an all-female team and also paid for her education. What I find stunning is that the school has gone on record by saying that they knew of 17 women who were victims of sexual or domestic assault by 19 players.

Apparently, the football program would end up operating under the mindset to “show ’em a good time” policy and that they would use the mentally of using sex to sell for high school recruits. The woman was a member of a campus program called the Baylor Bruins and would host possible recruits as they were taking a tour of the school.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims that they would encourage the Bruins to have sex with the recruits and take them to strip clubs. In addition, they would also promise them sex, alcohol, and drugs during the recruiting process.

I am sick and tired of this issue going on and nothing happening to the schools. If I were the NCAA, I would give Baylor the death penalty.

I do not give a crap, if someone rapes another human being, they should be punished to the fullest extent. It seems that this is a recurring issue and it will continue to happen unless the NCAA officials or the school don’t stop this mindset of holding their players to a higher standard.

I am aware that the football program is one of the biggest money makers for the school, but that should have zero baring. Also, I find it funny that supposedly the head coach knew nothing about this. I’m sorry, but that is the biggest load of crap that I have heard.

Everything that is alleged to have happened ended up occurring on the campus.

I also feel that this is worse than Penn State for this reason. Prior to my explanation, I am not condoning what happened at Penn State. What happened at Baylor supposedly over the four-year time span was worse than Penn State as that was Penn State was Jerry Sandusky doing inappropriate things to children in the showers. On the side of Baylor, this was the officials encouraging and indirectly enabling these actions.

Plain and FREAKING simple, the only way to fix what happened is to give the school the highest punishment you can. I am calling out the NCAA by saying that this is a disgusting act and if you don’t hold schools to some sort of standard that trickle down to the schools, then crap like this will continue to go on.

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