Suits: Will Mike Ross end up working for Robert Zane?

With Mike Ross now out of prison, he must find his way in the world with a conviction now attached to his resume. As Suits enters the second half of their 6th season the lawyers will face an uphill battle but none more than Mike.

In She’s Gone Mike turned down Harvey’s job offer as a consultant and went out to find employment on his own. He tried the local Legal Aid offices but was refused due to.his felony conviction. His one glimmer of hope came from the priest at the Church he grew up in as a fill-in teacher but that fell through as well after students parents complained about having an ex-con in the classroom with their kids.


On the other side of the coin, Harvey and Louis are busy turning down offers to take on the help offered by Robert Zane in the form of a merger. This is where the season can do take a drastic turn for all parties. Mike needs a job and Zane, after being rejected may offer one to Mike just to spite Harvey. To add more salt to the wound will be Mike accepting after his daughter Rachel decided to take the position at Pearson, Spector, and Litt.

But, it seems that Mike may have decided to go in another direction other than a lawyer. You can tell that the drive is still in him but how many times will he be willing to taste defeat due to the mistake he made? Harvey tried to offer help but all it did was backfire in both their faces. The only person that may be able to help him is Zane.

Imagine Harvey, Rachel or Louis across from Mike giving an opening or closing statement in a big case. Zane honestly wants to help the firm but after being rejected twice he may just take one of the things that Harvey and his daughter value the most. Mike. Zane has the connections that can get the prosecution off his back and maybe a legit shot at going back to Law School.

As Harvey stated, everyone is leaving and family is supposed to stay together. Well, it doesn’t seem so, so far.

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