Scandal: 3 Questions after Season 6 premiere

The new season of Scandal premiered with a few punches to the gut. As expected there was plenty of drama and lots of blame to go around. But, I hope you weren’t expecting to get all your questions answered and the issues to be resolved in the first 60 minutes, were you?

Sorry, but that’s not Scandal’s style. 

Here are 3 Question I have after watching the Season 6 premiere episode.


Did something happen between Marcus and Mellie?

For some reason, I get a feeling that there is a small spark between Marcus and Mellie. It’s the way that he asked Olivia how Mellie was doing after the election. It wasn’t the words, it was the sincerity in his voice. Then, when he went to go and check on her later their exchange was not of co-workers but one that may have had a deeper connection. As with Scandal, we may see a flashback episode during her campaign that may bring everything to light. But, it seems that something did happen between the two of them that we missed.

What happened in San Benito County?

We don’t know yet but I get the feeling Oliva had a chance to “fix” another election and declined. When it was announced that it would come down to San Benito County everyone in the know exchanged glances expecting an issue to arise. When Oliva spoke to her father he said he offered to her help in the county and we know what his services include. But, what happened? That was a county they were supposed to win but at the last minute, the votes swung in favor of Vargas. Did Cyrus make the deal Liv passed on?

Why didn’t Grant hand the White House over to Mellie?

To some, it would seem like the logical choice. He supported her, they were married and have kids together so it would seem only natural that he would hand the White House over to Mellie but he didn’t. I think maybe he wanted to but Mellie being Mellie made one fatal error. During their moment of clarity on the patio, Mellie said she loathed Grant for not taking advantage of what he had. She called him weak but that wasn’t what may have caused him to change his mind. I think it was the statement about POWER that did it. She said Fitz never wanted the power and by saying that she gave off the impression that she was in it for that reason alone. Fitz loves this country and to give it to someone that’s in it just to have power may have turned him off and forced him to give it to Cyrus.

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