Why A Giga-coaster At Kings Island Makes Sense

Kings Island is one of the primary landing spots for coaster enthusiasts. Because of this, Cedar Fair should be looking to add a giga-coaster to the park at some point in the near future. And while there are no current plans to install one, it’s a great time to start the speculation.

I’ve been on two of the world’s five giga-coasters, Leviathan ( Canada’s Wonderland ) and Millennium Force ( Cedar Point ) and have plans to take a ride on Fury 325 ( Carowinds ) later this year. Take it from a coaster fanatic, giga-coasters are one of the best theme park thrills in the world. Whether it’s the over 300 feet drops, or the over 100 mile per hour speeds, there is just something about a giga-coaster that you can’t get at just any theme park.

Being that a giga-coaster is so rare, having one at Kings Island would be a major boost to the park. Cedar Fair, who owns Kings Island, has installed giga-coasters at four of its theme parks, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Canada’s Wonderland, and Carowinds. All of the giga-coasters at the aforementioned parks have been rated as some of the best coasters in the world, thus bringing in coaster fanatics from across the globe to experience the rides.


Already home to numerous coasters such as Diamondback ( mega-coaster ) Banshee (inverted looping ) The Beast, ( wooden) and the new Mystic Timbers (wooden ) Kings Island features an outstanding variety of coasters. However, with Cedar Point only 250 miles away, Kings Island needs to bring more of the thrill-seeking crowd to its park. Adding a giga-coaster will do that for them.

Cedar Fair is heavily invested in the state of Ohio. Not only do they have two parks in the state ( Cedar Point, Kings Island ), but famed coaster designers B&M base their American operations out of the state as well. B&M have designed Cedar Fair’s last two Giga-coasters, Leviathan and Fury 325. Seeing as Kings Island and B&M operate within state lines, adding a coaster of this magnitude is definitely a possibility.

Aside from a strata-coaster (which are more scarce than a giga), giga-coasters are the top of the mountain when it comes to the coaster world. Seeing as there are only five in the world, adding another would only benefit coaster enthusiasts, looking to find the best coasters on the planet. And with Cedar Fair getting so accustomed to these giga-coasters, you know the ride will be well worth it.

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