Conviction had hard time filling the shoes of Castle

Right about now the head execs at ABC must be kicking themselves for letting Conviction go this far. Yes, I know they didn’t order the back 9 episodes of the new investigation show but they had high hopes. When it was announced that ABC had produced a new crime show to replace the popular Castle fans rejoiced. 

ABC was forced to cancel Castle due to disputes between its two main stars, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. Once they could no longer work together the Network was forced to pull the plug despite the outcry from millions of fans. But, ABC thought they had another hit on their hands with Conviction, even giving it Castle’s time slot. But, no such luck as the crime show watched as ratings dropped every week.


Now, as the 13th and last episode aired Sunday night, ABC is left to wonder what’s next?

Sunday is what TV viewers call “Crime Fighting Night” as most popular Cop and Lawyer shows would dominate the airwaves on Sunday. Now, ABC is left to plug a hole they never intended to after Castle. They thought that had a winner but that’s what happens when you disappoint a loyal audience by feeding them chuck steak after a rib-eye for years.

Conviction wasn’t that bad. The cast seemed great but there was no chemistry on set. There was just a spoiled rich kid barking orders to a pill-popping ex-cop, a know it all fake DA, a gay ex-con/forensic technician, and a creepy paralegal. There was a weird love triangle going on, needless to say, the show was all over the place with no real direction. I don’t know if the cast didn’t get along too well or what because they was rarely seen together as a unit, unlike Castle where almost every scene the cast was together. ABC is not new to this and they should know better than to try to put one over on fans. Conviction got what it deserved.

Now, can we please get a Castle spin-off?

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