Weight Loss: Without losing your mind.

So many people on social media are focused on losing weight this time of year. Too many times we all make weight loss is the most ignoredNew Year’s resolution. We rationalize our lack of progress with the excuses. “I just don’t have the time” or “It costs too much money to eat healthily.” become staples of our willingness to quit. The fact remains that most people actually give up because they don’t see the results they expect.

Losing weight is easy, it’s staying motivated that is the hard part. It’s hard to change the way we think. It does take time, but even 1 hour a day of 24 you’re given isn’t asking too much. It does cost money, but it’s money you’re investing not only in your present but your future. Being healthy doesn’t have to be torture. I was 212 pounds at my heaviest and now I’m down almost 40 pounds. I still eat pizza, I still eat chicken tenders but I’ve found ways to work them into my diet and still be comfortable with the weight I’m losing. How did I achieve this wonderful feat?


Counting calories?: There is a science to losing weight. Those pesky little calories keep you from fitting in that old dress, loosening your belt, and wearing a shirt at the beach aren’t just made up. Calories by definition are the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree celsius. This is why the more calories you take in the more exercise you need. “Burning calories” comes from having to raise your body temperature over time to keep your body from storing excessive amounts of nutrients from food. The more you take in, the more energy you have to use. On the opposite side the more you don’t lose the more you store.

Tip: Colder showers close of your skin’s pores to germs, sickness, and wrinkles. It will also lower your body temperature and regain it shortly after. The minor change in routine will not only make you healthier but burn a few more pesky calories.

Find support: Have you ever watched a television show and thought “this isn’t that great!“? Then come to find out everyone is talking about it. You give it a second chance and all the sudden you can’t stop watching and can’t stop talking about it. The same can be said for weight loss. This water cooler effect takes the struggle and stresses of going at it alone and replaces them with uplifting support. You don’t have to sit alone in the corner eating the same salad at work. Finding the right network of people can show you alternatives you would’ve never thought of for the foods you love. The best part about it is, they’re going through it too. You can help as well as be helped. Nothing says motivation quite like the right support.

The proper nutrients: When it comes to weight loss, so many people rely on dietary restrictions alone. Simply cutting food out of your day won’t help. The moment that helped accelerate my weight loss was when I was introduced to Advocare. Not only did I end up with a great deal of support, I received tips on supplements to work into my daily routine.

When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs you’re not firing on all cylinders. Getting on the right supplements helps control your diet. If I don’t have time for breakfast, I’ll have a meal replacement shake. Tired of no flavor in water, I’ll add Spark to my water for flavor and energy. You can take things out of your diet without sacrifice to your body. Supplements are the healthy way to “cheat” your diet. “Cheat days” become less about a day to eat your favorite unhealthy foods and more about working more into your diet with less time and effort.

Tip: For more on Advocare and how to use it click Advocare.com and shop around. Any questions feel free to email: inscrick@gmail.com

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    Detox Health 29 January, 2017 at 09:08

    Going through a detox—whether you choose hyperthermia, colonics, chelation, fasting detox, or a detox diet—is a fantastic way to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, reduce your chances of contracting diseases, and losing weight. But there are both positive and negative side effects of any detox, and you should really know what you’re getting into so that you’re not overwhelmed.

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