MLB: Could we be Seeing the Cleveland Indians Get Rid of Their Famous Logo?

It seems there has been criticism facing Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians. The issue came to the forefront during the American League Championship Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays, as people were criticizing the Indians logo.


Now prior to the Indians reporting to Spring Training in a few weeks, it’s being reported that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has discussed a possible solution to this problem regarding the team’s logo with Indians owner Paul Dolan. According to the Associated Press, Manfred has had several meetings with the Indians, with the latest one being on Friday, which ended up including the Indians minority owner John Sherman.

This all occurred prior to MLB announcing that the city of Cleveland would be awarded the 2019 All-Star Game. Over the last few months, the Indians have come under scrutiny to remove the logo as people have labeled it both offensive and racially insensitive. In talking to media members, Indians owner Paul Dolan would not say if anything has been resolved and has all the intentions on meeting with Rob Manfred again down the road.

As the Indians made their first World Series since they lost to the Florida Marlins in 1997, they would end up garnering the national spotlight over the logo. This would end up causing MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to go on the record as to wanting the Cleveland Indians to make a change to their logo. It should be noted that the Indians have in fact starting to slowly phase out the logo and would end up replacing it with a block “C”. However, the logo would end up remaining on some of the jerseys and hats.

Paul Dolan even went on record as to saying that the logo is a part of the history of the Indians organization. It should be noted that the team has used some sort of variation of the Wahoo logo since the 1940’s. I’ve gone on the record regarding the Redskins logo and I have the same feelings for the Indians logo. They have used the logo for most of their history and now its a problem. Unfortunately, when this happens is when political correctness is overtaking sports.


I understand that the Indians will more than likely do something to change their logo, but I hope they don’t. People do not seem to realize how many sports team names could be considered offensive and I feel its wrong to just single out the certain ones. It seems that the sports landscape over the last few years has become too incredibly sensitive. But, I feel sports is a microcosm of what our country has become, the land of everything and everyone being politically correct.

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