Justice League: Where is the Green Arrow?

DC Comics is hyping up the union of the Justice League with a cast of superheroes that includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, AquaMan, and Cyborg but there’s another missing besides Green Lantern.

Where is the Green Arrow?

For comic fans, he appears later but for entertainment and TV purposes he’s heavily involved already. DC, currently in a backyard fight with Marvel to try to release the best groups of hero movies they can need all the help they can get. If that’s the case then they need to enlist the services of Oliver Queen.

I say this not to piss off DC fans and go against the comic grain but it’s time they use their wits and strengthen their fan base with a popular character from both the Smallville and Arrow TV series.

DC needs to take a page out of the CW Network and place Arrow with people he’s already familiar with. In Smallville, he was included in the early stages of the Justice League with Superman, AquaMan, The Flash and Cyborg. The only one missing was Batman.

He may not have the powers of the others but neither does some members of the Suicide Squad.

Arrow will bring probably the best hand-to-hand fighting that’s missing in the DC Universe. His pinpoint marksmanship with an arrow will serve well if the Justice League has to square off against Deadshot and the rest of SS.

If Lex Luther is to be the main villain then why not follow the script of Smallville and make the movies more personal? Queen already has a rivalry with Lex from their Boarding School days and will serve as a valuable voice on the inner workings of the greatest criminal mastermind ever.

Or, maybe this is just the Smallville fan in me wishing everything could go back to simpler times.

All in all, I would love to see the Green Arrow make an appearance in the Justice League movies.

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