The Mick is a modern day version of Married with Children

Fox has another hit on their hands with The Mick. For those that have yet to see the new comedy, here is a quick rundown of what you should expect. This is not your 30 Rock, Seinfeld of Friends type of show. The Mick is a slap you in the face, kick you while your down and rob you of your paycheck, WOW factor. 

The only show that I have seen hit the non-cable stations with this much boldness was Married with Children


Married with Children may be the best family based sitcom in TV history. It took the hidden issue that families were dealing and placed them right in your living room. I didn’t have Cosby Show problems, I related to the Bundy’s more. For years networks have tried to recreate the magic of the Bundy’s and have failed miserably. But, The Mick is headed in the right direction.

It stars Kaitlin Olsen as Mackenzie Murphy, Sophia Black-D’Elia as Sabrina Pemberton, Thomas Barbusca as Chip Pemberton, Jack Stanton as Ben Pemberton, Carla Jimenez as Alba and Scott MacArthur as Jimmy.

The Pemberton kids (Sabrina, Chip, and Ben) learn their parent must flee the country due to tax evasion and are left in the hands of their highly dysfunctional aunt Mackenzie, her guy Jimmy and the maid, Alba. It seems average, as a poor relative takes over for her sister’s spoiled kids but this is nothing of the norm. 

Mickey is a drunk, lives life by each second of the day and makes decisions based on, whatever she wants. Her guy Jimmy is the same. He’s a complete loser much like Al was but he has his moments where he adds a certain flare to the show. To better explain the kids you must think Bud and Kelly Bundy. Sabrina is a smart-mouth, hot in the pants teenager that disobeys every order giving to her. Chip is Bud Bundy with money. He can’t get a girl due to his weirdness and constantly gets beat up because of his mouth. Little Ben steals every scene he’s in. The Buffer episode was Ben’s shining moment when he took Mickey’s birth control pills thinking they were magic pills and his emotions were all over the place.

The best character of the show is Alba. She loves the kids and Mickey but her humor seems to come so naturally. No expression at all and the scene when she offered up her body to Sabrina’s boyfriend is hilarious. The cast fits well together and has outstanding chemistry which makes the show work. We loved Married with Children for the same reason but with shows centered more on ratings than content, The Mick may be in for a battle.

It’s fair to say that the masses are not ready for this type of entertainment. They weren’t ready for Married with Children either but we saw how that became a cult hit. Let’s hope the same fan base that misses MWC are the same fans that will stumble upon The Mick.



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