Resident Evil: Biohazard The First Day.

It’s been over two decades since the original release but Resident Evil is back. Spanning four generations of Playstation and is older than the Xbox itself, fans have been anxiously awaiting its release. Titled Resident Evil 7 Biohazard it is far from the seventh game in the franchise’s long running history. The franchise has been around in some capacity since 1996 and has released over 20 games that tie into the main franchise.

When it comes to the series as of late, the developers seemed to have gotten away from what fans really loved about the game. Fear not die hards RE7 brings you back to what you know and love. More importantly, they switched back from the shooter based games we’ve been flooded with as of late. No, Resident Evil Biohazard clearly went back to its horror/survival roots. It’s almost as if you’re back to the mansion that started it all off.


One of the things I looked forward to least with this release was it being in first person. So much of the franchise has been based around avoiding the evil creatures out to get you. Switching over from the third person to first was a gamble that has so far paid off. One of the most exciting parts of the games has always been the ability to startle you while playing. With the first person view gamer’s anxiety is being pushed through the roof. The up-close nature of the game leaves you open to action popping up without a visual cue. Without being able to see just how close things really are to you, the game presents a much-needed challenge in getting away.

For the first hour of gameplay, you will love the game if you loved it in the past. Unless you cheat and look certain things up, you’ll also die. Quite a few times. Just deal with it and push through. Of course, you could wuss out and run the game on easy but that defeats the purpose of a survival game. Where the game really excels is getting back to the puzzles you have to solve. If you pick up this, combine it with that, and use it here is it what you needed at that time?

Initial gameplay makes the story seem out of place from the original titles. However, with no shortage of baddies to kill, puzzles to solve, and bosses to destroy it fits the mold of classic Resident Evil. Whether or not it ties in remains to be seen but one thing is clear. After the first day of play, I’ve been startled a few times, challenges a few times, and almost given up.

RE7 is what I missed out in 4,5, & 6 and thankfully is back to what players want. If shooters were the only reason we played we’d just buy Call of Duty. No sir. If day one is any indication of where the game is worth the money. You won’t need to have played the originals to love it. You just have to have an appreciation for the horror genre. If that sounds like you, then Resident Evil Biohazard is the game for you.

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