Pretty Little Liars: Aria is the one with the biggest secret

You can go back and watch Pretty Little Liars 10 times over and over and each time you will see something different. The show is great but it will drive you insane trying to figure out all the little clues that are scattered throughout the first 6.5 seasons. But, that’s the beauty of it.

As we get ready for the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars fans are left wondering about the possibilities. 


Time spent watching has grown us close to many of the characters but with so many questions still lingering around, we may be forced to look at out favorites as suspects. Did Spencer actually kill someone? Will Aria marry Ezra and so forth? These are just a few answers we need as the show comes to a head.

Speaking of Aria, I expect 7B to spotlight her as much as possible. Here’s why.

What do we really know about Aria Montgomery? Lucy Hale has gone on record as saying that Aria will be darker in 7B. Is that her way of saying that she will reveal herself as Uber A? Or will she be the one that goes after ‘A’?

But, what I did notice about the character when I went back through was the weirdness and aloofness she gave off. To begin with, where was Aria when the show first started? I mean, she was in the barn but before that? We know about the year in Iceland but what do we KNOW about that year? 

Aria mentioned it, her parents talked about it but then it vanished. 

Was she really there? When she returned from said trip, that’s when ‘A’ came into play. It leaves us wondering if her year away was actually spent in Iceland or somewhere else like Radley? Think about it. An entire year to plan this massive attack on the girls. A year away to get revenge on Alison for tormenting Aria and her friends their entire lives.

Aria may not be Uber A but I admit a lot of evidence does point her way. When the show first started it felt as if she was the focal point. Pretty Little Liars revolved around Aria and her secrets. There was the meeting at the bar where she met Ezra. Mind you, Arai was still a High School student so, that means she had a fake ID. And, was their encounter real or fake? Did she already have eyes on Ezra? Let’s not forget that she kept their relationship a secret from everyone, including her best friends. It’s easy to see that she can keep a secret.

Who got the first text from ‘A’?

Yup, you guessed it. Aria. It was right after her time with Ezra when ‘A’ sent her a cryptic message about her father messing with a student. I spoke on this before. What if ‘A’ is a split personality of one of the girls? Now, that girl could be Aria. That’s why she knew people in Radley already. The writers tried to cover it up by saying she volunteered there but what if she was a patient and that’s when she met Charlotte/Charles and Bethany and they built a relationship?

Aria is full of secrets and I believe the return of Nicole will send her spinning in another direction and force that dark side to resurface.

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