Star Wars: Speculating Episode VIII

Now that the latest Star Wars film has a title, it’s time we begin speculation. There have been plenty of rumored titles announced before the news broke Monday. The second film in the latest trilogy will, in fact, be titled The Last Jedi.

While the title is very telling, at the same time it can be very misleading. From where fans were left after The Force Awakens, we can assume it refers to Luke Skywalker possibly being the last of the Jedi. As fans have come to realize that may not always be the case. For instance, what if the story advances and there are more Jedi in hiding the same as Luke? Could we be taken by surprise and shown they’ve been biding their time waiting for a chance to strike back? There is a whole universe of possibilities and The Last Jedi could very well lead us to who’s left standing at the end of the film.


Could the last Jedi be Rey? That’s the obvious choice, right? But what if that’s what they want you to think? What if Finn is the last Jedi and they brought Rey to the forefront to help him realize his potential? I mean that’s what I would do. Finn would be the last great Jedi and Rey would be there beside him as they both help restore the Jedi Council. He did seem to handle a lightsaber pretty well. Could Rey be his second in command and help restore them to their former glory?

And when do we get a trailer? JJ Abrams had us drooling over The Force Awakens in December the year before. Here it is almost February and we just got a title. Hopefully, this means they’re taking their time and ironing out the hiccups along the way. We don’t want a repeat of the prequels. That being said, it’s time for at least a teaser. Rian Johnson, you’re up buddy. Rogue One has hit a billion dollars in the cinemas. With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s time to give fans what they want. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters this December. With all the hype of the previous releases, we can expect it’ll be their biggest one to date. See you all in theaters.

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