NFL Trade Rumors: The New York Jets have the players your team needs

According to reports, the New York Jets may be looking to hit the reset button. If NFL Trade Rumors are true then the Jes could be willing to talk possible deals involving players like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Darrelle Revis. It may seem far-fetched that they would do this but giving the age of some of these players, the direction of the team, this may the smart move.


If the Jets are indeed holding a fire sale then teams will be lining up for their players.

Marshall is still one of the top receivers in the NFL. His numbers were down in 2016 but the majority of that had to do with a struggling offense and a lack of steady QB play. But when he’s on, Marshall can still produce with the best of them. His contract calls for him to make $8.6M, that’s awful cheap for a player that can still haul in 80+ passes. It has been reported that the New England Patriots are interested and teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers may want to take a run at Marshall as well.

Matt Forte is not getting any younger and he can still pull in a second or third round draft pick if the right team is willing to give him a go. In 2016 Forte rushed for 813 yards, but as the same with Marshall, defenses were stacking the line due to bad QB play. If the Jets were to put Forte on the block a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Giants would be a great fit. Both teams struggled in 2016 on the ground and Forte will bring experience and a player that wants to put a bad year behind him.

Revis is the main guy here. There are not many shutdown Corners in the league and despite his first down season of his career, he will be in high demand if he and the Jets decide to part ways. Revis will be a great addition to any team like the Dallas Cowboys or the Oakland Raiders. Revis has admitted to his head not being into the season and with his price tag, the Jets may be looking to go a cheaper route as they start their rebuild toward the future.


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