Fans frustration letter to the Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins are a team that has been mired in losing for the last 18 years. That just so happens to be the length of ownership for Dan Snyder. I am not saying that this is all his fault but in the early years, it was. He has since stepped back and let his organization be run with structure. But how much of his influence is playing on this structure? I would like to write a letter the organization about some events in the last 18 years. Here is what I would say. The fans have suffered long enough.

To whom it may concern:

I have been a fan of this organization since 1988. That is 29 years of screaming and yelling at the TV and in person on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. However, my allegiance and fandom to the organization can get stretched thin at certain times. Now I am sure that this happens with most fans, but as a fan and reporter who like to get inside the news, I feel a stronger outrage when something is not right.How do the fans still come back after all this time?

My frustration with this organization began to build with the firing of Marty Schottenheimer. To take a team with no QB that started out 0-5 and make them an 8-8 ball club is amazing. To fire him after that run is absurd. And to fire him because you wanted to bring in a college coach who wanted to see if his system would work in the NFL is even more ridiculous. The 2001 season a magical one, even if we did not make the postseason. But 2002 and 2003 were hateful. The fans still came back!

Let us go back a few years now to the signing of Albert Haynesworth. This had to be one of the worst decisions in the history of modern football. The guy had one solid season in Tennessee and yet we give him a shit ton of money and he does nothing for the organization. He took all the money you gave him and laughed it in your face. This was probably the worst free agent acquisition in the history of the organization. I would rank it above Jeff George, Bruce Smith, and Dion Sanders. The fans still came back.


We jump ahead now a few years to the deal that was made to draft Robert Griffin III. What did we know about him? We knew he was a great runner and solid passer. He could really throw the deep ball. We also knew he was as fragile a china doll. However, we sold the farm to move up and grab him in 2012. 10-6 and NFC East Championship was the result. GREAT!! I was enamored as any fan. However, I did not like the fact that it seemed like he ran the organization and not the front office or head coaches. Whether that is a portrait that was painted or reality that is how I felt at the time. We are not rebuilding this the right way. The fans still came back.

Now we look at the present situation. You have a great front office structure and the assembly of a pretty decent coaching staff. I fell there will be some improvement with the defensive staff this year. But one issue remain at large? A FRANCHISE QB!! There has not been a true franchise QB in this organization since maybe Mark Rypien. UNTIL NOW!! Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB in this league and if this organization does not see it another one will. There needs to be a priority placed on keeping him. The salary cap is no longer an issue for the organization. A true, good NFL Franchise needs a franchise QB and not a revolving door on the position. I thought that this was taken care of with the release of RG3. I may be proven wrong yet again, we will see. Will the fans come back?

From the stupid coaching moves of Steve Spurrier, Jim Zorn and even Joe Barry to the stupid players moves of Albert Haynesworth, Dion Sanders, Donovan McNabb and others this organization has made some pretty good mistakes. You know have a chance to recover from all those mistakes with the signing of one pretty damn good guy. Oh, and let us not forget Jay Gruden, need to consider that extension as well. Will the fans come back?

Let’s not screw this fan base, who have seemed pretty loyal through the years, any longer. All we want to see is a consistent winner. 2015 and 2016 are the first time, since a 4 year stretch of 1989-1992, that we had back to back above .500 seasons. 6 above .500 seasons and 5 playoff appearances in the last 18 years is not enough. Please give us fans what we want, a winner. That can happen with the right choices in 2017 and on. If you do, trust the fans will stay and come back.


A fed up fan base



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