Is Eric Young Next In Line For An NXT Title Shot?

The NXT main event crowd has become quite crowded. As we await Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover San Antonio, we must start pondering who will be next to insert himself into the championship picture. And while there are a great number of worthy options, none are more deserving than Eric Young.

The leader of the faction known as Sanity, Young is one of NXT’s best. Coming from rival wrestling promotion, TNA, most wrestling fans have known of Young’s ability for quite some time. A former TNA Champion, he’s one of the most accomplished wrestlers on the NXT roster, giving him a leg up on some other NXT talents such as Elias Samson and Cien Almas.


During his time in TNA, Young was one of the most dominant and psychotic heels in the company’s history. Sanity is a group of four wrestlers labeled as anarchists. It’s the perfect gimmick for Young, as his entire time as a heel in TNA was based off that sort of character. Thankfully, WWE didn’t stray too much from what made Young such a big draw outside of the company.

NXT hasn’t had many factions during its existence. If they book Sanity right, they should come across as an unstoppable force. With female Sanity member, Nikki Cross, already getting a shot at the NXT Women’s title, it’s only logical
to give Young a shot at the main event

The only thing standing in Young’s way to an NXT title is former TNA running mate, Bobby Roode. As with most NXT Title programs, Roode and Nakamura will likely not be a one-time thing. It’s expected that their feud will continue into Wrestlemania.

Assuming Roode eventually wins the belt, that leaves Young in a tough spot, as both himself and Roode are heels(And I don’t forsee that changing). Considering that heel vs. heel programs rarely occur, it would be unlikely Young sees a title shot for quite some time.

A Roode title win is only one scenario, though. If this feud ends with Nakamura as the champion, Young could be next in line for a title shot. He’s the best heel on NXT besides Roode. Even with new talent emerging on NXT quite often, Young has the experience and character that make the higher-ups at WWE drool.

I truly believe that WWE sees the potential in Eric Young, and he won’t get lost in the shuffle. We’ve already seen former TNA wrestlers such as A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Roode go on to do big things on the main roster and NXT level. Young is one of the biggest signings in NXT history, and it’s unlikely he leaves for the main roster without some sort of main event push.

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