Empire: Top 5 best performances from the hit show

When you think of the show Empire the first thing that should come to your mind is music. The acting is decent and the storylines could surely use some direction but the essence of the show is still the sound. As I sat down to write this I went through every performance Empire had to offer to look for the top 5 performances. It was hard. Some songs I had forgotten about.

The list is not the best songs sung or rapped but the ones that spoke about the show and what emotions they gave off. Empire is about family and each song has a deeper meaning than what’s being performed. 

Here are the top 5 performances of Empire.



Freda Gatz vs Hakeem: The Battle

I admit I am not a fan of Hakeem lyrics. He’s more geared toward the new school rap and I’m more old school but this battle was great. Gatz was Lucious’ pick to knock Hakeem off his throne but he never imagined his son could turn hood on the mic. Hakeem’s lyrics were nothing to brag on but this scene held weight due to its nod to Hip Hop. His family was worried that he didn’t have that in hm to go toe-to-toe with a battle rapper like Gatz but Hakeem proved everyone wrong with witty punchlines while adding his own style and swag.

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