What Type Of Roller Coaster Can We Expect From Cedar Fair In 2018?

As the 2017 theme park season arrives, many are already looking towards the future, as a new batch of coasters will be announced in the coming months.

Cedar Fair has one of the largest collection of coasters in its arsenal, so it would seem right that the theme park chain debuted a few new rides for the 2018 season. But What could Cedar Fair possibly have in store for the coaster enthusiast?


Rumors are swirling, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet when it relates to the possibility of an RMC coaster at Cedar Point. Mean Streak, which was closed in September of last year, has been undergoing some refurbishments, with RMC I-box and topper tracks being spotted at the site of the old coaster.

Cedar Point isn’t the only park getting an RMC refurb, as Kings Dominion might also be getting some love, as the Hurler will possibly be getting a new look. The coaster was closed for the entire 2016 season, leading many to believe the ride would undergo a massive overhaul.

With the new partnership of Cedar Fair and RMC, anything is possible at this point. With GCI developing Cedar Fair’s new coaster for 2017, Mystic Timbers, at Kings Island, that will mean the possibility of three new wooden coasters in two years at the Cedar Fair parks. But what about the possibility of a new steel coaster for 2018?

Cedar Fair parks have a great relationship with coaster manufacturer B&M. 2017 will mark the first time since 2012 that a Cedar Fair park will not release a B&M coaster at one if its parks. We know of the RMC that will be debuting at Cedar Point, and possibly Kings Dominion, for 2018, but there has been no talk of a B&M coaster.

There hasn’t been much chatter as to whether or not we will see a new B&M at a Cedar Fair park in 2018. We’ve gotten different concepts each year, as there have been giga( Leviathan, Fury 325 ) winged ( Gatekeeper), inverted(Banshee), and dive(Valravn) coasters appear at the parks since 2012. So, if Cedar Fair does indeed debut a B&M in 2018, could it possibly be a new concept coaster such a flying coaster or a second strata-coaster.

There will be a lot going on in 2018 at Cedar Fair parks across America. Rumors of new rides will circulate throughout the 2017 season, but with two planned RMC refurbishments on the way, the question of what else the park has in store is puzzling.

Will we see a new B&M get announced, or will 2018 once again be without the popular steel manufacturer? One thing is certain, only Cedar Fair knows the answer.

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