The Blacklist: How will Mr. Kaplan get her revenge?

The question has been lingering ever since Red shot her. “How will Mr. Kaplan get her revenge”? I wish I knew but something tells me that The Blacklist is about to have an epic showdown.

That scene of Red shooting one of his closest friends was the actual beginning of Red’s downfall. He has killed many, swindled more and ran so many scams that I’ve lost count. But, never have we seen the tragedy hit so close to home. For years, he has managed to escape the clutches of the authorities and enemies but the one person he cannot escape is himself.


Raymond believed that he was forced to kill Mr. Kaplan when he really didn’t have to. She was still loyal to him but her heart went out to Liz and the baby. This was not about any revenge she wanted to stick him with. She wanted what was best for them and that meant getting the family away from Raymond Reddington.

I love Red but I rejoiced when Kate moved proving that she wasn’t dead. As I applauded, it didn’t yet sink in what her movement actually meant. Kate is an older woman but she is one that has smarts, wits and a way of getting things done when no one else can. During her recovery time in the woods, I’m pretty sure she did nothing but think about Red. How could she not? He just tried to kill her.

But, has her revenge already started without her laying a finger on Red? Think about Red for a moment and how he operates.

He’s a villain, no matter how you paint the picture but he’s a bad guy with a heart. He cares for those closest to him and the shooting of Kate was just that. It took everything in him to do that but he felt the pain. When Liz wanted nothing to do with him, he was crushed. Red acts off planning but the majority of his moves are based off emotions. He has offered his life over to his enemies to save his friends but in the end, it may be one of them that takes his life.

Since he shot Mr. Kaplan, Red has not been himself. His game is off and he has begun to suffer defeats, small ones but in the end, they will begin to add up. The latest was the disappearance of some of his funds that are floating in cyberspace somewhere. Red feels the guilt for killing Kate and one of the best scenes in The Harem was when Liz spoke about what happened to Kate and Red just glanced over to Dembe. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It was a small scene but it held so much weight in the triangle of their relationship.

When Kate does come, will she come to kill or to stand over his grave knowing she was the one to put him there without him knowing?

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