Chicago Fire: Will Gabby and Matt ever get that happy ending?

For the life of me, I cannot understand what the writers of Chicago Fire are doing with Matt and Gabby. It took them forever to finally make their relationship work and when they did, they lost a baby, broke up, fostered another child and then lost him to the birth parent who appeared out of nowhere. 


Why can’t they seem to have anything go right for them?

Are they just not meant to be? Why have the writers of Chicago Fire decided to give them sob stories every week? Just for once can we see them actually come out on top? Even Wallace has found his happiness with his wife. Mouch is happy, Herman is in marital bliss and Sylvie and Antonio is working on their bond. While each of these characters is vital to the show, they are not the ones we tune in every week to root for.

Once baby Louie came onboard, I felt like they have finally reached their happy place. But as quick as he came, they snatched him away and just like that, the Gabby and Matt sad saga started all over again. Severide has found a possible love interest in Stella but things may have shifted a bit with new interest Anna looking to recover from the bone marrow transplant.

There are so many great scenes in Chicago Fire but we’re still waiting for that magic one where Matt and Gabby can actually rejoice. We got a small glimpse of happiness at the wedding but even that was a bit rushed, as the writers maybe were trying to force us to believe they got married because of Louie. Nothing seems right in their relationship, but from the first episode, we knew they belonged together.

I love the show and will continue to support but man, I would love to turn the show on and get to see my favorite couple happy for once.

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