Super Bowl LI an early look at the shootout in Houston

With the championship games over and both being blowouts we will now see a Super Bowl LI matchup of the Atlanta Falcons vs the New England Patriots. The Falcons are returning to the SB for the first time since 1999 and will be led by MVP candidate (and winner) Matt Ryan. The Patriots are returning for their record ninth appearance. Will this game be your old-fashioned shootout? Here is an early look.

Patriots Offense vs Falcons Defense

The New England offense always ends up one of the best in the league. Just when you think that they are going to be stymied by a defense, Brady and company find a way to get rolling. However, a solid pass rush and man coverage can derail that train. That was the case against Houston. That should be the case against Atlanta. The Falcons have a solid pass rush with Vic Beasley Jr and Deion Jones. The Patriots have also shown signs of weakness in the middle of their o-line. If the Falcons can get to Brady and get him off his spot they could find success against Tom the Great and his boys.

Falcons Offense vs Patriots Defense

This should be a matchup that will win or lose the game. The Falcons number one offense in the league and one of the highest scoring in history could be tested my Matt Patricia and company. They always find a way to get after an offense. However, Kyle Shanahan has his offense clicking on all cylinders. The duo of Tevin Coleman and Devante Freeman are hard to stop. They are not afraid to go between the tackles either. I believe that the Patriots are vulnerable here on defense as well. Look for a solid mix from Kyle Shanahan to keep Matt Patricia off balance.


Bill Belichick vs Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn has shown in his 2 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons that he is growing to be one of the best young coaches in the game. To be in Super Bowl LI just after two season shows that. He is facing one of the best coaches in the history of the game. This could be a battle of wits for the ages. Both coaches are great motivators and Quinn will rely on his days with Seattle to get his defense up and running. Belichick will use his Jedi skills to bring the force to the Patriots. Either way, the brain matchup between these two motivators should be a classic.

The early read on this game is that it could be a shootout. Both offenses come in red hot. However, if the defenses do their justice in preparation we could be surprised. My early take on this game is that we are looking at maybe one of the highest scoring games in SB history.

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